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Professional Development


Overview: Professional development funding is provided under the provisions of AB 1725, and is intended to provide community college faculty, staff, and administrators with training opportunities that will help them better serve students of diverse backgrounds. The flex week handbook allows for the designation of specific opportunities, in lieu of classroom instruction but that does not conflict with regularly-schedule classes, for the purpose of staffstudent, and instructional improvement.  

Faculty are required to complete flex hours by attending Scheduled Activities or completing Individual Activities. These are paid hours, and forms must be submitted on time to receive the pay.

Professional development hours performed in excess of fall semester requirements may be rolled over to the subsequent spring semester. In no case may any excess hours be rolled from one fiscal year to the next.

You may check the status of your hours by logging in to Blackboard. We do send reminders to your WebAdvisor email address when we don't get paperwork, but it is your responsibility to confirm your hours. (Do you need instructions on how to change your WebAdvisor email address?)

Adjunct Faculty

Part-time faculty are responsible for one hour of Professional Development for each instructional hour (3 lecture units = 3 hours, 1 lab unit = 3 hours in most disciplines -- Blackboard has required hours if you are uncertain.)

Part-time faculty are encouraged to fulfill their Professional Development hours by attending college-sponsored Professional Development activities. A Flex Week Attendance Form must be submitted after Professional Development Week in order to receive credit for attending.

Part-time faculty who need to fulfill their Professional Development hours through other (outside) activities should receive pre-approval from the Professional Development Administrator by submitting an Individual Activity Proposal at least a month before the activity date. Though pre-approval is not required it is strongly recommended. A Completed Activity Form with proof of completion must be received by the Professional Development by the 12th week of classes.

When teaching short-term and Saturday classes, please refer to the "Hours" column on the hire letter for the required number of professional development hours. Those who are hired late or who teach a class with a late start date should contact the Office of the Professional Development for due dates.

Full-Time Faculty

Full-time classroom faculty are required to complete forty (40) hours of professional development in an academic year, according to the AFT collective bargaining agreement, section 7.16.1. If you teach overload (instructional assignment), your professional development requirement is increased in proportion to your increased instructional load. Full-time faculty are not required to complete professional development for any non-instructional hours of their full-time load, including reassigned time, sabbatical, and banked hours. Instructional faculty on reassigned time, or who have less than a 100% assignment, shall have their staff development obligation proportionately reduced to reflect only the portion of their assignment which is in the classroom.

The 40 required hours can be completed any time between July 1 and the 12th week of spring semester as long as they are not in direct conflict with an instructor's teaching schedule or office hours. It is recommended that the hours be balanced between the two semesters (e.g. 20 hours in Fall and 20 hours in Spring).

Individual staff development activities (those not listed in the Professional Development Week Calendar) should be approved in advance by the Professional Development Activity Review Committee. The first step is to submit an Individual Activity Proposal form at least a month before the activity date. Though activities may be approved without this step, it is to your advantage to have activities pre-approved. Individual activities may not conflict with Office Hours or take place during a regular teaching day and are limited to a maximum of 8 hours per day.

After individual Professional Development activities are completed, a Completed Activity Form must be submitted to the Office of the Professional Development Administrator by the third week of May.

Classified Staff and Administrators

Classified employees and administrators have no Professional Development requirements at this time, but are encouraged to participate in Professional Development activities with the approval of their supervisors or managers.

Last Updated: 01/08/2016
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