Students, Educators, Counselors, and Green Industry Representatives.

This site provides an array of green industry information including: education requirements and opportunities, green industry data, labor market information, and resources including links to green industry curriculum.

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Green Technologies for Students

A Workforce Innovations Partnership project.

Who we are

Green Ventures is a network of K -16 educators, counselors, industry experts, and community based organizations. The collaboration allows us to maximize resources to allow youth to acquire the high skills needed in industries of Clean Green technologies. Our purpose is to prepare the future workforce with clear educational pathways in the green professions.

Primary goals

Provide students with relevant green career fields and specific labor market information within emerging green industries.

Educate youth in green technologies and entrepreneurial skills.

Foster successful careers and business opportunities in California's high-demand, high-wage clean tech industry sectors.


Our Vision

Youth interested in green technology have a clear educational pathway for their desired green career leading them to successfully launch new business ventures or to enter high wage, high skill jobs in the industry.

In addition, high school faculty and counselors have the tools and resources necessary to support students' success as they enter and travel through green career pathways.

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