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Automotive Technology
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General Motors ASEP Program

Cuyamaca College - General Motors Cooperative Work Experience Education Program


General Motors is the global leader in the delivery of comprehensive community based dealer service and collusion technician development systems utilizing strategic partnerships with public education.


To enhance the service experience for General Motors customers, GM ASEP will provide quality service technicians to General Motors dealerships through partnerships with select colleges and universities.

Program Description

GM ASEP incorporates advanced automotive service training combined with a strong academic emphasis in math, science, communication, analytical and technical skills. Students alternate in 8 - 12 week increments between college course work and paid cooperative work experience at GM dealerships. Students earn an Associates of Science degree in automotive technology as well as credit for technical training through GM Service Technical College (GM STC).

Guiding Principles

We believe that:

Every GM ASEP program will have active and effective input from GM dealers.

The primary customer of GM ASEP is the GM dealer.

Every GM ASEP student will receive the highest quality education possible.

GM ASEP is a partnership between the student, college, dealerships, General Motors, and GM STC.

Classroom instruction will be combined with a structured cooperative learning experience.

General Motors and GM STC are committed to helping colleges achieve excellence.


College Responsibilities

Possess National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) certification in eight areas for the GM ASEP specific program, or five areas for the GM BSEP specific program

Provide qualified instructional staff

Confer an Associates Degree in automotive service technology

Adhere to GM class start requirements

Adhere to GM ASEP Program Standards

Program structure will adhere to the ASEP/BSEP Model

Recruit qualified student candidates and dealers

Provide student services such as career counseling, academic advisement, financial aid, etc.

Maintain all student records

Perform lab exercises utilizing only GM vehicles and components

Join and actively participate in GM ASEP functions (1 regional and 1 national meeting yearly)

Implement a GM ASEP specific graduation recognition activity

Encourage students to take ASE tests

Create and support an active GM ASEP Business and Education (B&E)Council

Assist with the process of identifying and developing candidate programs for Automotive Youth Educational Systems

Identify a liaison between the college (primary contact) and GM

Identify a liaison between the college and participating GM dealers

Ensure student progress is monitored throughout the GM ASEP/BSEP process and corrective action is taken to ensure student graduates

Ensure at least two visits are conducted with each student during every co-op work experience.  Documentation to support the visit will be  maintained and retained for all visits

Encourage staff involvement with student support activities (including serving on councils)

ASEP Student Responsibilities

Must meet ASEP/BSEP program entrance requirements

Possess, and maintain a valid driver's license

Meet sponsoring dealership hiring requirements (including drug testing)

Provide sponsoring dealership with responsible and productive employment during the co-op work experience

Maintain sponsorship at a GM dealership or an AC Delco shop during the entire ASEP/BSEP program

Be responsible for all program costs: tuition, fees, books, tools, etc.

Maintain academic standards requirements and stay on track for graduation with an Associates Degree

Wear dealership-provided uniform during co-op work experience and ASEP/BSEP coursework

Must sign transcript release form to allow GM and sponsoring dealership access to grades

GM Dealership Responsibilities

Interview and select prospective students

Hire and retain a GM ASEP/BSEP student for the duration of the ASEP/BSEP program (approximately 2 years)

Appoint in-dealership coordinator/mentor to assist the GM ASEP/BSEP student during the co-op work experience

Provide the student with a competitive wage to be determined by the GM ASE/BSEP Business and Education Council

Provide work uniforms to the sponsored student in a manner consistent with other dealership technicians

Attend GM ASEP/BSEP support activities

Participate in the GM ASEP/BSEP Business and Education Council

Ensure student work assignments align with current college curriculum

General Motors GM STC Responsibilities

Provide counsel with GM ASEP/BSEP colleges to ensure success

Monitor and support all phases of the GM ASEP/BSEP program

Provide marketing support materials

Support GM dealership participation in GM ASEP/BSEP

Provide access to GM STC training for instructors

Attend GM ASEP/BSEP support activities

Provide donation vehicles and components to support the program

Provide access to technical service information and training materials to support the GM ASEP/BSEP programs

Fund graduation recognition activities

Proposed Schedule

Students may enroll during any semester. We will develop a specialized education plan to accommodate your placement. Please contace William Ottinger.

Students who test low in English, reading, or math assessment scores (and are accepted into the program) will be required to take remedial courses in those areas in addition to the general education courses that are listed above. Students who have previous college credit or an Associate Degree or higher may be exempt from all or part of the general education requirements. Please request an appointment with a counselor to have your general education requirements evaluated.

For an application or other questions about GM ASEP, please contact:

Cuyamaca College Automotive Technology Department

William Ottinger - Coordinator

(619) 920-9904

Last Updated: 08/13/2018


Brad McCombs
Program Coordinator
Phone: (619) 660-4267
Fax: (619) 660-4389

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  • Cuyamaca
A Member of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District