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Minutes of the Phi Theta Kappa

Minutes of the Phi Theta Kappa

Officers Meeting

February 20, 2009

Members present: see sign in sheet.

Advisor: Lisa Chaddock

I. Call to Order

President Charles Taylor called the meeting of Phi Theta Kappa to order at 3:00pm. A motion was made to approve the minutes from the December 19 meeting. The minuets were approved by majority vote.

II. Better World Books Book Dive

Our chapter has been collecting books on campus for the Better World Books Book Drive for several months. Not all of the books collected are accepted by the company. President Charles Taylor has sent the books not accepted by Better World to Our chapter will be receiving a check from in the amount of $56.00 for the books we have already sent.

III. Scholarship Listing

Recording secretary Jamie Bruce compiled a list of credible scholarship websites that will help to make the scholarship search easier for members. There is also a listing posted on the chapters web page for those interested.

IV. Board of Governors Waiver

The deadline for turning in the BOG fee waiver is fast approaching. Students must complete a FASFA form, which is due March 2nd, before they are able to complete the waiver. The scholarship requires two references be presented by applicants. Charles highly suggests asking potential references in person for their help and asking more than two people.

V. 2009 Induction Ceremony

Our chapter will begin the planning of our Induction Ceremony. We must select a location and a date for the ceremony. Due to graduation being held in June, the best time for the ceremony to be held will be during the month of May. It is preferable that the ceremony be held on campus. It will last from 2-3 hours and will need to be able to accommodate 200-300 people. We would like to have a guest speaker attend the ceremony, as well as a photographer/videographer. We would like to try and have some supplies donated such as 80 white roses and two sheet cakes. We will also need to select a caterer and a menu for the event.

Location: Linda Norton will be responsible for finding the location. Once the location has been determined we will be able to select a date based on availability of the location. A facility request will need to be filled out after booking the location.

VI. Fundraising

Letecia Gonzales has been looking into fundraising opportunities for our chapter. She arranged for a guest from Jamba Juice to explain the fundraising opportunities available through their store. They offer in-store and on-campus fundraising opportunities. Stores such as Barnes and Noble, Pat and Oscars, Rubio's, and TGIF offer similar in-store fundraising opportunities.

For in-store fundraising, our chapter can pick days that Jamba Juice will give 20% of their proceeds to our chapter. If using Jamba Juice for on-campus activities, we can purchase pre-made drinks and sell them at a price we deem appropriate and keep the profit.

Leticia has also looked into fundraising opportunities through Sees candies and Albertsons.

VII. Leadership Lesson

Patsy French shared the leadership lesson for the month with attendees. This month's lesson focused on the topic of failure and its importance.


There are currently four senator positions open for the Cuyamaca student government. Those holding senator positions are not only involved in the school but also receive a payment of $50.00 per month for their involvement.

IX. Recycling Program

Currently there is only one club participating in the recycling program on campus. President Charles Taylor will be volunteering our club to get involved in the program once again so we can also share in the revenue being collected from the cans and bottles collected.

X. Volunteer Opportunities

Suzette Sinclaire has become aware of a few new volunteer opportunities in our area. Volunteers are needed at Kobe's Swap meet on the weekends to help operate booths for organizations such as SDSU, YMCA, and breast cancer awareness. Joan Embry, who works with wildlife, has an event coming up in which she will need help cleaning up the grounds prior to the event. Suzette will provide more information regarding this event as the date gets nearer and she receives more information.

XI. Chapter By-Laws

It has been brought to Advisor Lisa Chaddock's attention that our chapter bylaws do not coincide with National's standards. This will need to be addressed at the next meeting.

XII. Earth Day

Our campus will be hosting an event on campus for earth day which will be called "eco-town" or "eco-village". Members of our chapter may be needed to help run booths that are set up on campus. There is expected to be a large turn out (about 7,000-8,000 people) and booths will be offering information regarding things such as green collar jobs and recycling.

XIII. Prizes

Congratulations to the winners of this month's prizes. This month a DVD, CD, and micro cassette recorder were raffled off to attendees.

XIV. Next Meeting

The next Phi Theta Kappa meeting will be held on March 20, 2009. The officers' meeting will begin at 3:00pm and the general meeting will begin at 4:00pm.

XV. Adjournment

President Charles Taylor adjourned the meeting at 5:00pm.

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Phi Theta Kappa Office
Student Center - I-124
Phone: 619-660-4371

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