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Discipline Types

Disciplinary actions that may be imposed for violations of the Student Code of Conduct include the following:

Warning: Written or oral notice to the student that continuation or repetition of misconduct may be causes for further disciplinary action.

Reprimand: Written censure for violation of specific regulations.

Disciplinary Probation: Specific period of conditional participation in campus and academic affairs that may involve exclusion from designated privileges or extracurricular activities. If a student violates any condition of probation, or is charged a second time with a violation of the Standards of Student Conduct during the probationary period, it shall be grounds for revocation of the student’s probationary status and for further disciplinary action to be taken in accordance with these procedures.

Faculty Initiated Suspensions: A faculty member may remove, for good cause, any student from his or her class for up to two (2) class sessions. The student shall not return to the class during the period of the removal without concurrence of the instructor. Nothing herein will prevent the College President or designee from recommending further discipline in accordance with these procedures based on the facts that led to the removal. As used in this rule, "good cause" includes those offenses listed in the Student Code of Conduct. The faculty member shall immediately report the suspension to the respective Division Administrator and to the College President or designee. If the student is a minor, the College President or designee shall schedule a conference with the student and the student’s parent or guardian regarding the suspension. The faculty member is not obliged to provide makeup opportunities for class work missed during the two (2) class periods of suspension.

Suspension or Termination of Financial Aid: In the event a student is suspended for willfully and knowingly disrupting the orderly operation of the campus, this action will result in ineligibility for State financial aid, as defined in Education Code Section 69813, for the period of suspension. (Education Code Section 69810).

Short-Term Suspension: Temporary exclusion from student status, or other privileges or activities, for a specified period of time, not to exceed ten (10) days (Education Code Section 76031).

Immediate Interim Suspension: The College President may order immediate suspension of a student when he or she concludes that immediate interim suspension is required to protect lives or property and to ensure the maintenance of order. In cases where an immediate interim suspension has been ordered, the time limits contained in these procedures shall not apply, and all hearing rights, including the right to a formal hearing where a long-term suspension or expulsion is recommended, will be afforded to the student within ten (10) days, unless mutually agreed upon by the student and administrator that more time is required.

Withdrawal of Consent to Remain on Campus: The College President or designee may notify any person as to whom there is a reasonable belief that the person has willfully disrupted the orderly operation of the campus that consent to remain on campus has been withdrawn. If the person is on campus at the time, he or she must promptly leave or be escorted off campus by District Public Safety. If consent is withdrawn by the College President’s designee, a written report must be promptly made to the College President. The person from whom consent has been withdrawn may submit a written request for a hearing on the withdrawal within the period of the withdrawal. The request shall be granted not later than seven (7) days from the date of receipt of the request. The hearing will be conducted in accordance with provisions of this procedure, relating to interim suspensions. In no case shall consent be withdrawn for longer than fourteen (14) days from the date upon which consent was initially withdrawn. Any person as to whom consent to remain on campus has been withdrawn who knowingly reenters the campus during the period in which consent has been withdrawn, except to come for a meeting or hearing, is subject to arrest. (California Penal Code 626.4)

Long-term Suspension: Temporary exclusion from student status, or other privileges or activities, for the remainder of the current semester.

Expulsion Subject to Reconsideration: Permanent termination of student status, subject to reconsideration by the Board of Trustees after a specified length of time. Reconsideration may be requested in accordance with the procedure for Reconsideration (See Reconsideration).

Permanent Expulsion: Permanent termination of student status. There shall be no right of reconsideration of a permanent expulsion at any time. On its own motion, the Board of Trustees may reconsider such actions at any time.

Restitution: Appropriate restitution shall be sought from any student found guilty of theft, vandalism or willful destruction of District or College property.


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