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Academic Senate
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Academic Senate (AS) Meetings

Meeting Frequency: 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month
Meeting Time: 2:00pm-3:45pm
Meeting Location: E-106


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/13/2018 Agenda
11/29/2018 Agenda Cuyamaca College December Curriculum
SSEC Composition Final
PRSC Charge Fall 2018
IE Council Charge Fall 2018
11/08/2018 Agenda Minutes Fall 2018 Facilities Update
Nesta Emeritus Status
Guided Pathways Steering Committee Charge
Umoja Scholars
Student Success & Equity Council Charge
Program Review Steering Committee Charge
Institutional Effectiveness Council Charge
10/25/2018 Agenda Minutes Draft- Cuyamaca College Curriculum November 2018 Board Packet Items
Curriculum Gen-Ed and Academic Policies and Procedures Committee F18 Update
Deactivation Process
2019-2020 Academic Calendar
2020-2021 Academic Calendar
Guided Pathways Steering Committee Charge F2018
10/11/2018 Agenda Minutes Faculty Position Request Form 2018-19
Dual Enrollment Handbook
Draft: Cuyamaca College November 2018 Board Packet Items
Curriculum, General Education and Academic Policies and Procedures Committee Update
Deactivation Process
2019-2020 Academic Calendar
2020-2021 Academic Calendar
09/27/2018 Agenda Minutes AS Cuyamaca Resolution Sept13
Instructional Annual Template
Faculty Position Request Form 2018-19
2018-19 Classified Position Request Form
Dual Enrollment Handbook 9-4-18
R10 Articulation Council Response to New ASSIST Updates Group V7 180910
Draft - Cuyamaca College Curriculum November 2018 Board Packet Items
09/13/2018 Agenda Minutes AS-Cuyamaca Resolution-Aug28
DRAFT-Instructional Annual Template
DRAFT-Instructional Comp Review Template
CCCCharge Updated
2018-19 Faculty Rubric
08/30/2018 Agenda Minutes During 5th week due to 1st week of class in 4th week
Faculty Rubric
08/16/2018 Agenda Joint Academic Senate meeting
05/24/2018 Agenda Minutes Campus-Security-Philosophy-Final
05/10/2018 Agenda Minutes Annual Update Template- Edited
Current Annual Update Template
2018/19 College Hour
2018 May Curriculum Packet
Technology Rankings
FAQ Staffing Prioritization
Staffing Priorities Rationale
Governance Restructure Update
04/26/2018 Agenda Minutes New-Employee-First-Year-Experience-Proposal-3-12-18
Draft Curriculum Board Packet
04/12/2018 Agenda
03/22/2018 Agenda Minutes Camera Placement Procedure-draft
Camera Survey Data
03/08/2018 Agenda Minutes
02/22/2018 Agenda Minutes Cuyamaca-College-Curriculum-March-2018-Board-Packet-Items
02/08/2018 Agenda Minutes


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/14/2017 Agenda Minutes PT-Committee-Pay
11/30/2017 Agenda Minutes 2017-12-Board-Packet
11/09/2017 Agenda Minutes Compressed-Calendar-Summary
10/26/2017 Agenda Minutes
10/12/2017 Agenda Minutes Cuyamaca-College-Compressed-Calendar-Draft-Sample
09/28/2017 Agenda Minutes
09/14/2017 Agenda Minutes professional-development-plan-2017-22
08/24/2017 Agenda Minutes
05/11/2017 Agenda Minutes
04/27/2017 Agenda Minutes
04/13/2017 Agenda Minutes
03/23/2017 Agenda Minutes
03/09/2017 Agenda Minutes GovBoard Resolution 17-009
March 2017 Board Curriculum Packet
02/23/2017 Agenda Minutes Dual Enrollment Handbook Ver4
02/09/2017 Agenda Minutes


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/08/2016 Agenda Minutes
11/10/2016 Agenda Minutes
10/27/2016 Agenda Minutes
10/13/2016 Agenda Minutes
09/22/2016 Agenda Minutes
09/08/2016 Agenda Minutes
08/25/2016 Agenda Minutes
05/12/2016 Agenda Minutes
04/28/2016 Agenda Minutes
04/14/2016 Agenda Minutes
03/10/2016 Agenda Minutes
02/25/2016 Agenda Minutes
02/11/2016 Agenda Minutes
01/28/2016 Agenda Minutes


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/10/2015 Agenda
11/12/2015 Agenda Minutes
10/22/2015 Agenda Minutes
10/08/2015 Agenda Minutes
09/24/2015 Agenda Minutes
09/10/2015 Agenda Minutes
08/27/2015 Agenda Minutes
08/13/2015 Joint Academic Senate
05/14/2015 Agenda
04/23/2015 Agenda Minutes
04/09/2015 Agenda Minutes
03/12/2015 Agenda Minutes
02/26/2015 Agenda Minutes
02/12/2015 Agenda Minutes
01/29/2015 Agenda Minutes

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