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Bb Question Types

Bb Question Type:

Bb Title: Description:

Multiple Radio Button Answers

Multiple Choice Many answers, one correct choice
  • easy for students
  • restricted choices
Multiple Answer Similar to above but student must choose multiple answers
  • demands more thought
  • close answers can cause disputed grading
Two Radio Button Answers
True-False One correct choice
  • easy for students
  • limited thought demanded
Either/Or Similar to above, but allows different wording such as "Yes/No," "Agree/Disagree"
  • good for opinion or analysis questions
  • wording can confuse students
Arranging Lists of Answers
Matching Pair items in one column to the correct choice in the other column
  • partial credit if only some answers are correct
  • can sometimes be confusing to use
Ordering Users must correctly order a series of items
  • partial credit if only some are correct
  • restricted to answer that have a definite order
Answers Are Typed into Text Boxes
Essay Students type into text box
  • demands more thought and analysis
  • must be manually graded
  • all the problems that come with writing assignments
Short Answer Same as essay except only limited amount of text is allowed
  • quick, but demand thought
  • must be manually graded
  • may be stated vaguely
File Response Instead of writing in a text book, students upload a file to answer the question
  • allow for longer, prepared answers
  • complex for a test, more like an assignment
Fill in the Blank Students type answers between [brackets]
  • Can include multiple correct answers
  • sensitive to spelling errors, phrasing, similar words
  • best to limit answer to one correct word
Quiz Bowl Same Fill in the Blank, but users must phrase the answer as a question (Jeopardy-like)
  • fun
  • waste of typing
Fill in Multiple Blank Same as Fill in the Blank, but with multiple blanks
  • more demanding
  • can include multiple correct answers
  • sensitive to spelling and typing errors, phrasing, similar words
Calculated Numeric Response Same as Fill in the Blank, but user enters a number
  • can include exact answer or an answer range for automatic scoring
Drop Down List of Choices
Jumbled Sentence Similar to Fill in the Blank, but includes a drop down list of choices instead of a text boxes
  • clearer answers, no typing
Select Place on an Image
Hot Spot Instructor import image and writes questions, students select correct places on image
  • fun, visual
  • confusing to some students
Math Calculations
Calculated Formula Math formulas, variables can change for each user
Opinion Scale/Likert Survey answers to questions - such as strongly agree, etc.
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