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Group Setup

Bb logo Advice on Setting Up Groups in Bb
  1. Define the groups in the Control Panel's "Manage Groups"
  2. Give each group a distinctive name (corresponding to the content of your course) and be very clear and detailed on the assignment task, how they are to proceed and collaborate
  3. Choose different options for student interaction (Db, email, file exchange)
  4. Add students to each group (4 - 15 is a good amount depending on the activity) and have a plan in case students drop out
  5. Depending on the assignment and it is best that the instructor choose and divide students into groups because allowing them to self-group can become a mess. Another option is to have a sign-up sheet for various topics - signup based on interests
  6. Give group role options (leader, researcher, designer, programmer, writer) depending on the assignment - especially designate a leader who will be the moderator and report to the instructor
  7. Specify how grading will operate (individual grades, a group grade, or the recommended combination of the two)
Last Updated: 09/18/2014
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