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Pathway Academy Faculty & Staff

John Escobedo

Title V Program Director

Veronica Corral

Title V Coordinator

Ariane Ahmadian

Title V Admissions and Records Specialist

Kendra Saucedo 

Title V Program Assistant

Claudia Cuz-Flores

Academic Counselor

Sandy Gonzalez

Academic Counselor

Daniel Mendoza

Academic Counselor


Pathway Academy Mentors

Dalia Valencia


Lead Mentor

Dalia is currently a 4th year student at San Diego State University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Counseling and Social Change. As a transfer student from Cuyamaca, she understands the struggles of being a first generation Latina that is aspiring to pursue higher education. She currently devotes her time at Family Health Centers and Cancer Disparities and Communications Lab at SDSU. Dalia enjoys reading, trying new foods, and taking nature walks.

Rosa Buenrostro


Lead Mentor

Rosa is a first generation student, born and raised in San Diego. She graduated from Cuyamaca in 2018 and transferred to SDSU. She is now going on her 4th and final year at SDSU to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Minor in Counseling and Social Change. She also volunteers at a Cancer Research Lab and at Family Health Centers San Diego. Her hobbies include photography and watching Netflix on her spare time

Fernando Lucero


Lead Mentor

Fernando is a student at San Diego State Univeristy majoring in Chicano/Chicana studies. He is a product of the First Year Experience program at Cuyamaca. Fernando state, “As a Guided Pathway Specialist, It continues to be my goal to assist in guidance for our students to pursue their educational goals."

Johana Ibarra


RISE Mentor

Johana is a first generation college student that is dedicated to her studies and community. Johana is majoring in Elementary School Education and has set the goal of transferring to a 4 year university by Fall 2020 and earning her bachelor's degree by Spring 2022. She describes herself as a lifetime learner, so she plans on continuing her education after earning her bachelor’s degree. Aside from her studies, Johana has a passion for helping others, so she looks forward to making a positive impact on the lives of students at Cuyamaca through her position as RISE mentor and RISE club president

Jesus Galarza


GPS Mentor

Jesus is a 19 year old student, from Durango, Mexico. He is working towards a B.A. in mechanical engineering from San Diego State University or UC San Diego. He has a passion for creating and modifying objects.  In addition to his studies, Jesus enjoys things that involve music, cars, motorcycles and exploring. He is the first out of his family to reach higher education. Throughout his career and eventually as an engineer, he plans to help people achieve their goals and hopefully make a good contribution to our society.

Johannah Estrada


GPS Mentor

Johannah is a 19 year old in her second year at Cuyamaca College. She would like to transfer to a University of California in the fall of 2021 to work towards a bachelor degree in chemical engineering. Johannah enjoys going to the beach on her free time and going out to eat. She also has six siblings whom she likes to spend time with on her free time. This year she looks forward to working with the incoming freshmen as well as applying to internships in the chemistry field.

Malik Walker


GPS Mentor

Malik is a film and media major and an actor who has worked with multiple entertainment companies such as Disney and Nickelodeon. He enjoys writing poetry and short stories on his free time. He hopes to transfer to USC. His goal is to inspire kids who were like him to dream big and hit their goals as hard as they can.

Natalia Sigala


GPS Mentor

Natalia Sigala is a Steele Canyon alumna and is currently a second year honors Cuyamaca student. She is working on obtaining her associates degree in Psychology to transfer to SDSU in fall 2020. Natalia enjoys spending time surrounded by the people she cares about and taking long trips with friends. She chose to major in psychology because she genuinely loves being able to interact with and help people.

Myriam Medrano


GPS Mentor

Myriam is a first generation college student who looks forward to make her parents proud and most importantly achieve her goal of becoming a registered nurse. Cuyamaca College has given her the opportunity to realize the struggles many college students face academically, financially, and personally. Myriam states, "I have noticed first hand and from other students that when encountering something new like college, we get lost and let speculations and stereotypes define us. I believe we all have goals, we all have dreams, we just need a guide that can give us options to pursue our goals." She believes Pathway Academy helped with her experience in college to strive towards her goal.

Juan Soto


GPS Mentor

Juan Soto graduated from Monte Vista High School and is currently a second year student at Cuyamaca College. He is majoring in music performance with an emphasis in percussion. He plans to transfer to San Diego State University to receive his bachelors and master’s degree. He dreams of becoming a high school teacher. He is a second year battery member at SDSU's marching band, participates in Cuyamaca's concert band and is a volunteer percussion instructor for Monte Vista marching band. Juan is excited about his first year as a Pathway Academy mentor and is excited to help and guide students reach their academic goals while he is here. He describes himself as outgoing, cheerful, and glad to be member of a great program.

Sonia Mendoza


GPS Mentor

Sonia Mendoza-Reyes is a second year student that is majoring in Sociology and a proud Mount Miguel High School alumna. Sonia is currently serving as Student Trustee for Cuyamaca and is an avid member of the Raza Unida Club. She hopes to graduate in the spring of 2020 with an associates in Sociology and transfer to Point Loma Nazarene University. "My goal is to get a Master’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice and become a Juvenile Probation Officer," states Sonia.

Last Updated: 12/05/2019


Veronica Corral, M.A.
Pathway Academy Coordinator
Phone: 619-660-4628

  • Grossmont
  • Cuyamaca
A Member of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District