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Online Orientation
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Step 1: Before You Commit

Here are a few very important things about the class that each of you should know BEFORE you commit taking this class.

1. On-Campus Testing Requirements

As noted in the syllabus, you are REQUIRED to take the FINAL EXAM in person at Cuyamaca College.  

  • Friday, December 7 from 11am -- 1pm


There is a very limited availability to reschedule this time.  If you know that you won't be able to make it in to Cuyamaca College on this date/time please either
        a.   make arrangements for a proctor(see below)
        b.   sign up for this class next semester

Please note the location will be a room on campus.  I will inform everyone as to which room as soon as I find out.

(If you do not live in the area, you MAY be able to make alternate proctoring arrangements with me. If you enroll in one of my online classes, you can take your proctored assessments at an alternate location IF you can find a suitable proctor. I'm happy to allow you to take your proctored tests with an approved proctor should you choose to enroll in my class. 

2. Mandatory Orientation

As noted in the schedule of classes (both the printed version and the online version), there is a mandatory online orientation for all students enrolled in my online classes. You must complete the entire orientation no later than 11:59 pm on the first day of instruction for your class (or within 24 hours if you add the class after the 1st day of instruction). Students not completing the entire orientation by this deadline will be dropped from the class for non-attendance.

As soon as you add the class, please begin your mandatory class orientation.

The mandatory orientation consists of TWO parts:

  1. Completion through step 5 of the orientation you are currently in the middle of(You're at step 1). Step 5 culminates with the method of signing into our course management system(CMS) MyStatLab(MSL)

  2. The second part will be completed inside of MyStatLab and is due on Thursday of the first week of class.  It consists of the completion and submission, through MSL, of the orientation lab 0.  It should be submitted through MyStatLab.

Please feel free to go part-way through the orientation even if you are not currently enrolled in the class. Just DO NOT purchase the class materials unless you are actually enrolled in the class. You can complete Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and a portion of Step 4 without purchasing the required online materials.

3. Crashing / Adding Once the Semester has Begun

If the class you want fills before its first day of instruction, get on the wait-list. I will give out Add Codes based on the Wait List and how many slots are available. I cannot add(or give out add codes) before the first day of class.

4. A Note About Required Online Materials

Your required online materials are called MyStatLab. It contains the eBook for the class as well as all homework, quizzes and other online assigned activities.

Registration into MyStatLab will be needed in order to complete your mandatory orientation. Failure to purchase and register in this required material will result in being dropped from the class.

Please note that NON-DIAL UP internet access will be needed to access MyStatLab from your home (if you wish to work from your home computer). All the computers in the STEM (STEM) at Cuyamaca College are already configured properly. It is NOT required that you have your own computer at home for this class; you may use the computers in the STEM for your entire class. The STEM is open in Fall and Spring for the full 16-week semester and for the first few days during Finals week.

If you have technical difficulties with your computer/browser and you are not able to resolve them immediately, you need to plan to to use the campus computers (or some other computer) to continue taking this class. While you have access to Technical Support from your online class materials (there's a link in the top-right), technical difficulties are NOT a valid excuse for getting behind in the class. More information about MyStatLab, as well as much more information about the class (including the assessment schedule), can be found in Step 2 of this mandatory orientation.

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I want to acknowledge Janeen Apalatea(MiraCosta College) for the creation of this online orientation
Last Updated: 10/10/2018
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