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Online Orientation
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Step 4: Your Required Online Materials

Your required class materials are as follows:

  • Access to the online MyStatLab materials
  • A current valid school or government issued ID Card
  • You must show current ID to take each of your on-site assessments
  • A Graphing Calculator
    I will be using and doing demonstrations on a Texas Instruments TI-84 graphing calculator. However, the TI-83 (any version) also works almost exactly the same and generally processes faster. Please purchase/borrow either a Ti-83 (any version) or TI-84 (any version).

    If you choose to use a different graphing calculator, you may not be able to get help with it. A TI-83/84 is what you will use on the technology labs.
  • A notebook for note taking and working problems

Registration into MyStatLab will be needed in order to complete your mandatory orientation. Failure to purchase and register in this required material will result in you being dropped from the class.

As you will read in the next step,Step 5 of your mandatory orientation requires you to do work in these online materials. Your orientation is not complete until you satisfactorily finish those assignments inside MyStatLab (including your orientation lab).

Read specific information about MyStatLab

A. Go to  (a new window will open when you click on the link) and read each link in the "For Students" box located towards the bottom/left of the page.

  • Get Started
  • Tours
  • System Requirements
  • Support

Note: When you are on the 'Tours' page link (the 2nd link mentioned above), make sure you watch the videos listed below:

  • Register using an access code (an access code is what you buy if you buy the little cardboard access packet like from the bookstore)
  • Register by buying online (this is purchasing directly from the publisher and your access will be immediate)
  • Explore MyLab and Mastering

B. Learn how to use the math components of your online materials by watching the following videos (a new window will open when you click on each link):

Please be sure that your computer/browser meets the technical requirements and that you will be comfortable using online materials and an eBook.

As you have just read, non-dial up internet access will be needed to access all of your required materials. All the computers in the STEM Center at Cuyamaca College are configured to run MyStatLab/Course Compass. It is NOT required that you have your own computer at home for this class; you may use the computers in the STEM center for your entire class. Technical difficulties are not an excuse for missing assignments.

***Note: From here on out, ONLY students who are officially enrolled with the Admissions and Records Office (A&R) (in one of my class #'s with my name) should perform the following actions.***

If you are NOT currently registered with the Admissions and Records Office (A&R) in one of my class #'s , please feel free to read on, but do NOT perform the following actions.

Register and Enroll in MyStatLab/Course Compass

Please do not purchase a pre-owned access code. Once an access code has been redeemed, it can NOT be used again.

**If you are not able to purchase the required class materials but you will be able to afford purchasing them before the end of Week 1, please read about the Temporary Access offered by the publisher.**

Now, It is time to get into your online materials. Earlier in this step, you watched the publisher's movies including the Student how Do I? Tour.

These movies described how to register your materials if you currently have an access code or if you need to purchase it now. Please follow those directions to register and enroll in the MyStatLab materials now.

You will need to following information to register in MyStatLab:

  • Course ID Code: Given in the Syllabus ON PAGE 4 in the 'Required Materials' section (Reading the Syllabus was Step 2 of the Orientation)
  • School's Zip code: 92019
  • A valid email address that you check on a regular basis

When registering in MyStatLab, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:
A. Choose anything you would like to use as your Login Name and Password. If your name is David Jones and you choose the Login Name 'djones', don't be surprised if you are directed to choose another Login Name because that one has already been used.
You may need to get creative with your Login Name. Often, students will choose their email address or their Cuyamaca College Student ID Number as their Login Name.

B. Regardless of what you choose as your Login Name and Password, when you are asked for your first and last name, please be sure to use the name that A&R has on file for you. If A&R has your name recorded as 'David Jones', and you register in MyMathLab with the name 'David Brummy' or 'Big Daddy', I'm going to officially drop 'David Jones' from the class because it looks like 'David Jones' never purchased the online materials for the class - which was a part of the mandatory orientation. Also, the student named 'David Brummy' or 'Big Daddy' will get inactivated in MyMathLab (i.e. lose access to the MyMathLab materials for this class) because he's not on my A&R roster.

This goes the same for hyphenated last names. If the school has your name as David Smith-Jones and you tell Course Compass your name is David Jones, you're going to get dropped and lose access to the class materials. I can NOT assign a grade on my roster from A&R to a student with one name, for work completed in MML by someone with a different name. If you do not know what name A&R has on file for you, please find out first, before registering in your online materials.

C. Be sure to give Course Compass a valid email address that you will be checking on a daily basis. I send frequent emails through MSL, so please be sure to give them your correct email address. If you change your email address during the class, you will need to update that information with MSL.

Do NOT Delete Confirmation email

Once you have completed registering, you will receive a confirmation email from the publisher. This email will include your Login Name and Password.   Please DO NOT lose this email. I can NOT look up that information for you if you forget it.

You are now ready for Step 5 of your orientation. Please remember that all five (5) of the steps must be completed by 11:59 pm on the first day of instruction for your class (or within 24 hours if you register on or after the 1st day of instruction for that class).

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I want to acknowledge Janeen Apalatea(MiraCosta College) for the creation of this online orientation

Last Updated: 07/06/2015
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