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Counseling 120 Online

Counseling 120 Schedule (Calendar) of Weekly Activities

Week 1

Activities for Week One have two deadlines. Much of Week one is due the first Thursday! This is because the deadline to drop this class for a full refund and without receiving a "W" on your transcript is the first Friday. Students who have not completed all activities due by Thursday will be dropped on Friday! All remainder Week One activities are due Sunday at 11:55 pm. Pay close attention to deadlines and the course schedule/calendar each week! For week one, pages 1-13 are due on Thursday below. Pages 13-26 are due on Sunday! Weeks 2-7 all activities are due Sunday night. Week 8 activities are due Thursday night.

Orientation and Chapter One - Personal Awareness

  • Orientation Quiz in Blackboard = 10 pts (due Thurs)
  • CollegeScope Chapter 1 (due Thurs)
  • Discussions 1 - Introductions = 10 pts (due Thurs)
  • Total Points for Week 1 = 30 pts
    • CollegeScope Journals = 1 pts (due Sun)
    • CollegeScope Quiz Chapter 1 = 10 pts (due Sun)
    • Do What You Are (DWYA) Report (complete in Chapter 1) (due Thurs)
    • Multiple Intelligence Report (complete in Chapter 1) (due Sun)

Online Orientation

You must complete an online orientation and orientation quiz by the Thursday. Read your syllabus and course schedule carefully. I recommend download the syllabus in Canvas. 

Accessing your Canvas Account

  • Go to Canvas at:;#160;and then click on Go go Canvas at: (bookmark this site by adding it to your favorites)
  • Your Canvas ID is your Webadvisor ID. This may be your first name and last name in lowercase with no spaces and a dot in the middle (For example, Joe Smith may have a Webadvisor ID of joes.smith).
  • Your password is your birth date in 8 digits (For example, if Joe Smith were born on January 1, 1986, his password would be 01011986).

Directions to Register for your E-Textbook: CollegeScope

  • We will be using an online interactive e-textbook for this class. This online text is personalized for each student based on an assessment of your personality type, strengths, values, and learning style. The e-textbook will embedded in your Canvas account and in each weekly module. Each week, click on CollegeScope and then click again on the icon CollegeScope. You will register for your CollegeScope account and then be asked to either pay by credit card/debit card or enter an access code you purchased at the bookstore. It is cheaper if you purchase with a credit/debit card and within Canvas. Access your e-text (CollegeScope) in Canvas under each weekly module. Do not purchase it at the bookstore if possible. The cost is $40. 
    CollegeScope HELP DESK. If you have any technical difficulties with your e-textbook while registering or throughout the course, please contact the Help Desk. You can text, call, or email.
    Phone/text number: 1-888-295-1520 

Text or Call, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern, Monday through Friday

  • A Computer, Microsoft Office (Word), PDF capability, USB Port/Thumb drive/Flash Drive is highly recommended to organize and save your work for this course.

Click on the CollegeScope in Blackboard to begin the program. You will see it on the menu bar in Blackboard. You must enter an Access Key that you will need to purchase at the bookstore.

If you have any technical difficulties call or email the help desk: or call at: 1-888-295-1520. CollegeScope help desk is on Eastern time and they work M-F.

Complete Chapter One in CollegeScope

This is the longest chapter you will have in CollegeScope because it has two personalized assessments you will use throughout the rest of the E-textbook. Make sure you do a good, detailed job in Chapter One. You can save your work and continue where you left off. You do not have to do this chapter in one setting. Allow yourself at least five hours or more to complete Chapter One. There will be a Chapter Quiz at the end of the chapter. You can go back and review the chapter before taking the quiz.

Week 2

All weekly activities are due Sunday night by 11:55 pm!

Chapter Two - College Awareness

  • CollegeScope Journals = 10 pts
  • CollegeScope Quiz Chapter 2 = 10 pts
    • Discussions 2 - Exploring your Personality = 10 pts
    • Begin Education Plan Assignment due week four
    • Total Points for Week 2 = 30 pts

Websites and Resources

Week 3

All weekly activities are due Sunday night by 11:55 pm!

Chapter Three - Career Awareness

  • CollegeScope Chapter 3
  • CollegeScope Journals = 10 pts
  • CollegeScope Quiz Chapter 3 = 10 pts
    • Discussions 3 - Preparing for your Education Plan = 10 pts
    • Begin Educational Plan Assignment due next week
    • Total Points for Week 3 = 30 pts

Week 4

All weekly activities are due Sunday night by 11:55 pm!

Chapter Four - Goal Setting and Planning

  • CollegeScope Chapter 4
  • CollegeScope Journals = 10 pts
  • CollegeScope Quiz Chapter 4 = 10 pts
    • Discussions 4 = 10 pts
    • Educational Plan and Goal Statement Assignment = 100 pts
    • Total Points for Week 4 = 130 pts

Education Plans

You will upload one of these educational plans into Canvas. Please fill this out with a counselor.

Cuyamaca College Students:
Comprehensive Education Plan or One Semester Education Plan


AA/AS Degree Ed Plan (Cuyamaca Associate Degree GE)
CSU Ed Plan (CSU General Ed)

Other Students (not Cuyamaca students):
One Semester Educational Plan (this one is good to use to plan next semester)
One Semester Educational Plan (Word document you can use)
Six Semester Educational Plan (or long term educational plan--this one is good to use to plan the courses you will take until you reach your certificate, degree or transfer degree objective)
Six Semester Educational Plan (Word document you can use)

In addition to these Ed Plans, you will upload a goal statement (paragraph).

Educational Planning Tools
GPA Calculation Worksheet (this will help you calculate your GPA.  Remember, if you are transferring to a four-year university, you will only count your transferable classes for that university in your calculation).
Cuyamaca College Catalog
Cuyamaca Class Schedule
Assist (this site will show you the preparation you need for your major if you transfer to a CSU or UC school.  This site shows you the articulation agreements between California Community Colleges, CSU schools and UC schools)
College Source (find the college catalog for any college in the US)

Sample Student Educational Plan - Comprehensive Six Semester Plan
Sample Student Educational Plan - Student typed up his and attached a photo
Sample Student Educational Plan - Student did a comprehensive big picture Ed plan
Sample Student Educational Plan
Sample Student Educational Plan
Sample Student Goal Statements - You can type your goal statement directly in the comments section in Canvas or upload a Word or PDF document in addition to your Educational Plan

There is no one way to do your Educational and Goal Statement as you can see from the samples above. Lastly, don't forget your Career Goals when doing your Educational Plan.

Week 5

All weekly activities are due Sunday night by 11:55 pm!

Chapter Five - Learning and Productivity

  • CollegeScope Chapter 5
  • CollegeScope Journals = 10 pts
  • CollegeScope Quiz Chapter 5 = 10 pts
    • Discussions 5 = 10 pts
    • Total Points for Week 5 = 30 pts
      • Learning Styles Report (complete in Chapter 5)

Week 6

All weekly activities are due Sunday night by 11:55 pm!

Chapter Six - Communication, Collaboration and Leadership

    • CollegeScope Chapter 6
    • CollegeScope Journals = 10 pts
    • CollegeSCope Quiz Chapter 5 = 10 pts
      • Discussions 6 = 10 pts
      • Start preparing for your Career Research paper due week 8
      • Total Points for Week 6 = 30 pts

Week 7

All weekly activities are due Sunday night by 11:55 pm!

Chapter Seven - Career Readiness

  • CollegeScope Chapter 7
  • CollegeScope Journals = 10 pts
  • CollegeScope Quiz Chapter 7 = 10 pts
    • Discussion Board 7 - CHOICES Planner/Prepare for Career Research = 10 pts
    • Begin Career Research Paper due next week
    • Total Points for Week 7 = 30 pts

Week 8

Due Date for all activities this week is this Thursday! This is a shorter week then the rest of the weeks so that we can get your grades in on time. Plan accordingly!

Chapter Eight - Money, Health, and Time Management

  • CollegeScope Chapter 8
  • College Scope Journals = 10 pts
  • CollegeScope Quiz Chapter 8 = 10 points
    • Discussion Board 8 - Goodbye/Share your Career Research papers = 10 pts
    • Final Career Research Paper = 100 pts
    • Anonymous Survey = 10 points
    • Total Points for Week 8 = 140 pts

Career Research Paper and Resources

Career Research Paper (This is your final project that is due at the end of the semester.  You can get a head start now.)
Informational Interviewing (Excellent questions you can use to do an informational interview.  An informational interview is when you interview someone in the career you are interested in.  You will need to do an informational interview for your final career research project in this course.)
Career and Job Database and Collection in our Library for Check-Out
This is a collection of recourses on careers and jobs in our library. You will find many resources for your paper here.
California Career Cafe
This is another virtual Career Center that is hosted by the California Community College system.
Occupational Outlook (Put in the job you are interested in and find tons of information on the career you are interested in--use this information for your career research paper.)
Occupational Outlook Quarterly (Find unique information on a variety of careers and interesting articles.)
JobStar (Resume and Cover Letter Samples and more.)
Job Hunters Bible (Lots of research and help on resumes and cover letters.)

Sample Career Research Papers

Sample Student 1 Career Research Paper (Psychology/Counseling)
Sample Student 2 Career Research Paper (Certified Athletic Trainer)
Sample Student 3 Career Research Paper (Lawyer)
Sample Student 4 Career Research Paper (Hospitality Career)


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