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English 109 - Composition for College

Spring 2015

4 hours lecture, 4 units

64-70 contact hours
MW 2-3:50pm B271

Dr. Lyn Neylon

English Department
Hours:  Posted on door
Phone:  619-660-4241

Class Materials:

Steps to Success in College Composition by Lindy Brazil
Student Workbook (available in bookstore)

Persuasion, Jane Austen       


3-ring binder with lined paper
Pencil / Eraser
Dictionary and thesaurus

Catalog Description

Prepares students for entry into ENGL 120 (English IA, traditional freshman composition for transfer). Students will practice the writing process by composing sentences, paragraphs and essays with an emphasis on correct and effective expression through the study of appropriate language; grammar, punctuation, and usage; and structural writing skills. Readings will be studied to stimulate clarity of thought and written expression. Students will practice the reading process by previewing, annotating, and analyzing readings and completing in-class writings based upon them. By the end of the course, students will be able to write a basic, largely error-free researched essay by using and acknowledging at least three sources. Not open to students with credit in ENGL 110. Non-degree applicable.

Prerequisite “C” grade or higher or “Pass” in ENGL 098 or ESL 106 or equivalent or assessment

Now that you've read through the official description, I can tell you that this is an interesting and useful course that helps you write better papers for all of your classes. The class is very interactive, and much of the time is spent with students talking about what they write and how they can improve their writing.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

1)     Write at least one organized, coherent and developed paragraph and a minimum of five organized, coherent, and developed essays in rhetorical modes (not including revisions) with a clear thesis, clearly structured paragraphs, clear topic sentences, effective transitions, sufficient evidence, proper attention to audience, and a relevant conclusion. (Two of the five essays will be longer than five paragraphs, and one of those two will be a researched essay of 3-5 pages.)

2)     Demonstrate utilization of the reading process to improve comprehension and retention by producing a minimum of two organized, coherent and developed in-class essays with a clear thesis, transitions and a relevant conclusion based off of readings which students have previously previewed, annotated, and analyzed.  These two essays do count towards the minimum of six essays required.

3)     Avoid plagiarism in all of their own writing by properly citing quoted, summarized, and paraphrased material using MLA format; properly credit at least three sources in a research paper of 3-5 pages (student may practice citation in more than this one essay).

4)     Consistently utilize and articulate the utility of the various phases of the writing process (invention, writing, evaluating, revising, rewriting, editing) to write paragraphs and essays; participate in small group and/or whole class peer review and integrate the suggestions of peers and instructor in revision of a minimum of two essays, not included in the six essay minimum. Use meta-language of effective writing to comment on the ways in which their own work and the work of other students meets or fails to meet the standards and structures presented in class and/or in the textbook.

5)     Effectively utilize simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. Identify and correct problems in: diction; grammar; academic voice; usage, including but not limited to, completeness, agreement, reference, and form; punctuation, including but not limited to, commas, semi-colons, and apostrophes.

Writing Center (B-167, 660-4463)

To help you succeed in this class, sign up for Supervised Writing tutoring at the Writing Center.  All tutoring sections are FREE.  Tutors can assist you in analyzing sentence and paragraph structure to improve your overall writing skills, and your grade!

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Dr. Lyn Neylon-Craft

English as a Second Language

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