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Lectures for English 109

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The lectures are designed to increase your understanding of your text book and the novel. They will assist you in writing clear paragraphs and essays with good structure and grammar. Having a solid understanding of essay structure will help you on your at-home and in-class essay writing. Having more information about the novel will also improve your grade on the final paper.

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Lecture one

Lecture two

Lecture three

Lecture four

Lecture five

Lecture six

Lecture seven

Lecture eight

Lecture nine

Lecture ten

Lecture eleven

Lecture twelve

Lecture thirteen

Lecture fourteen

Lecture fifteen

Lecture sixteen

Lecture seventeen

Lecture eighteen

Lecture nineteen

Lecture twenty

Lecture xxxx

Lecture twenty-one

Lecture twenty-two

Lecture List

Lec 1 - The Writing Process
Lec 2 - The Paragraph
Lec 3 - Prewriting & Outlines
Lec 4 - Essay Blueprint
Lec 5- Good Beginnings
Lec 6 - Thesis Statements
Lec 7 - Good Endings
Lec 8 - Run-ons
Lec 9 - Fragments
Lec 10 - In-Class Essays
Lec 11 - Academic Writing
Lec 12 - Subjects & Verbs
Lec 13 - Major Grammar errors
Lec 14 - MLA Style
Lec 15 - Coherence and Unity
Lec 16 - Showing vs. Telling
Lec 17 - Habits of Success
Lec 18 - Writing a Research Paper
Lec 19 - How to Read a novel
Lec 20 - Persuasion - a historical view
Lec 21 - Academic Writing [research papers]
Lec 22 - Reading Novels


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