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English 109 - Composition for College syllabus

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Class Policies

Attendance / Tardiness

Being in class is very important as most writing is done in class. Not all assignments will come from your book. Students who attend class regularly, answer questions, work in groups, and come prepared (always bring your book, paper, and pen or pencil) may receive bonus points towards their grade. If you are absent for more than 4 days you will be dropped!!! Students who arrive late / leave early cause class disruption and will be marked tardy. 3 tardies equals one absence, and the above drop rule applies.


Your respectful participation in this class is essential for your learning and the learning of your classmates. Students who commit disrespectful or distracting/ non-participatory behaviors will be asked to leave class, and will be marked absent. The above attendance policy applies.


The Communication Arts Department has a zero tolerance policy for cheating or plagiarism. 

According to the Cuyamaca College Catalog, Student Code of Conduct, Academic Dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarizing, is grounds for instructional and administrative sanctions. That means that if you present the words (even three or more in a row), ideas, or work of someone else as your own, or if you have your work heavily rewritten by someone else and turn it in as your own, your instructor has the right to fail the assignment. The same is true if you are seen or otherwise caught cheating on a quiz, exam or other non-collaborative assignment.   In addition to whatever penalty the instructor applies to your graded work, he/she will report your misconduct to the Department Chair, the Instructional Dean and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. The Associated Dean of Student Affairs will keep a master list of cases of student misconduct. Any student who is reported to have cheated or plagiarized twice will be called in for a meeting with that dean. It will be up to the dean's discretion to determine what action to take, but students may be SUSPENDED FROM THE COLLEGE OR PERMANENTLY EXPELLED for repeated acts of cheating or plagiarism. Please feel free to consult the college catalog for further information or visit


You will write one stand-alone paragraph this semester. It will need to have all the components of a complete paragraph.

Essays:  You will write several essays this semester. The topics are thoroughly outlined in your handbook. Three essays will be submitted in-class. For these essays, we will do substantial work before to prepare for the in-class writing. In-class essays have a 1 hour and 50 minute time limit. We will also be writing outside of class essays from sources. You must use MLA format in this class.

*** SafeAssign ***

To prevent plagiarism, paragraph and essay assignments must be submitted to SafeAssign through Blackboard and will not be graded without a report of submission attached.  Upon submission, your work will be added to a nationwide database. All writing assignments are due in SafeAssign on the date assigned.


You will take two quizzes on the novel this semester.  Make sure you start reading the novel early to ensure you gain these valuable points!

Participation and Preparedness:

Everything you do in your college career as well as your working career is based on your ability to understand and analyze material. Once you have done that, you will need to present your ideas in a clear and concise manner. That is what English 109 is all about. It is designed to help you increase your abilities to understand the world around you and make yourself understood by others.

This class requires your involvement in reading, writing and communicating your ideas. The class is interactive, and your opinions are IMPORTANT! Your participation in discussions and peer evaluations will keep the class interesting for everyone.

We will be doing 6 peer evaluations in class for 10 points each = 60 points.
Discussions on workbook readings and the novel where you come to class having read, can answer questions, and fully participate will get you the additional 40 points.                 


Assignments:                                                                                                     Points Possible:                            

Paragraph #1 – Ad analysis 50                                        

Essay #1—Ad Analysis:    In-Class Essay 100
Revision of Essay #1    25                                                                                            

Essay #2—Essay Analysis: single source essay   100
Revision of Essay #2  25                        

Essay #3—Essay and Film Analysis—In-class Midterm Essay: 2 sources     100

Essay #4—“I Believe in Grit” Essay: 7-9 paragraphs, multi source     100

Essay #5—Research Paper: 3-5 pages, multi-source    200                        

Essay #6—In-class Final Essay—Novel Analysis:  100                        

Reading and Vocabulary Tests on Persuasion: 100                         

Participation and Preparedness:      100                                       


                Total:     =     1000


Final Grades:                                    

900-1000            A                                             600-699              D

800-899              B                                             0-599                  F

700-799              C                                            


Write down at least two students' phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses.  In case you are absent, contact your peers to copy their notes and check for schedule changes.  As stated earlier, your absence is not an excuse for being unprepared for class.


Save all your graded papers in your notebook until you receive your final grade in the class.

As with your other college courses, you may expect to spend approximately two to three hours of time outside class for every hour spent in class.  Since this is a four-hour class, expect to spend eight to twelve hours per week outside class to pass.  If you are unwilling or unable to devote this much time, please consider withdrawing from this course, or be prepared to take it again.

Students with disabilities who may need academic accommodations should discuss options with their instructors during the first two weeks of class.  It is also recommended that you contact Disabled Students’ Programs & Services (DSP&S) in A-114.  You may also call DSP&S at 660-4576 to schedule an appointment.

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