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English 110 Basic Composition Pre-requisite: English 98 or equivalent

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Instructor: Dr. Lyn Neylon

Course Mgmt System: WebCT

3 required on-campus meetings
**You will be dropped from class for missing an on-campus meeting [no exceptions]. Plan to be there the full two hours!

Orientation: 1/23 from 3:00-5:00 pm in room L206

Mid-term: 3/20 from 3:00-5:00 pm in room L206

Final: 5/22 from 3:00-5:00 pm in room L206

Two Required Texts:

[1]Wordsmith Guide to College Writing by Arlove
[2] Persuasion by Austen

Office: D102 # 619-660-4241

Office hours: Posted on door

E-mail: *Note: Email is only to be used for personal or private communications with the instructor. All course questions should be posted on WebCT.


"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind."
Rudyard Kipling

Welcome to English 110 - Basic Composition. Everything you do in your college career as well as your working career is based on your ability to understand and analyze material. Once you have done that, you will need to present your ideas in a clear and concise manner. That is what English 110 is all about. It is designed to help you increase your abilities to understand the world around you and make yourself understood by others.

This class requires your involvement in reading, writing and communicating your ideas. The class is interactive, and your opinions are IMPORTANT! Your participation in discussions will keep the class interesting for everyone.

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What does participation mean in an on-line course? Participation means that you will read assignments listed in the syllabus, write journals about them, and be prepared to discuss what you read in on-line discussions. Participation means you will have to log into WebCT 3 times a week to make attendance requirements, to read announcements from the instructor, to answer questions, and to discuss readings with your fellow students.

You all begin with 30 class participation/attendance points. Every week you miss logging in, you will lose 5 points per day missed! If your points reach ZERO you will be dropped from the class!

An on-campus class requires 3 hours in the classroom plus 3-9 hours of homework every week [6-12 hours total]. DO NOT expect that you will spend less time fulfilling the requirements of this course. You will need to spend 6-12 hours every week to read the assignments, write your journals, work in on-line discussion groups, take quizzes, and do your final project.

The bonus is that you can do this work at home in the early morning in your pajamas or late at night if you wish. However, do not fail yourself by believing that this course will be easier than the on campus class. It requires the SAME amount of time and effort. You just get to stay home rather than driving to campus.

Please note: You will have 24 hour access to WebCT and the course site; however, you will not have 24 hour access to me as this is one of many classes that I am teaching this semester. I have hours that I will be in my office and available on-line and by telephone that I will announce on the first day of class. I also check WebCT regularly to answer questions; however, I DO NOT check WebCT on the weekends or after 5:00 pm during the weekdays.

If you have a question, please post it to the question board. One of the other students may be able to answer your question for you or I will during the normal work week.

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Journal: 40 pts A-F [click here for more info]

You are assigned 20 journals to complete this semester. Journals are submitted in groups of five [you must put all five journals into one document]. You must submit your journal by Monday, 10:00 am Pacific Standard time on the date due to the WebCT site to receive credit. Late journals will not be accepted.

This journal is designed to help you practice your writing and thinking skills. Do not be concerned about spelling and grammar in journals. Journals are like soccer practice - you kick around ideas and play with them, trying new things to improve your skills. Each journal entry must be a minimum of 650 words to receive credit.

Lecture notes and exercises: 60 Points A-F [click here for more info]

You are assigned 12 lecture notes and exercises assignments this semester. You must submit your lecture notes and exercises by Monday, 10:00 am Pacific Standard time to the WebCT site to receive credit the week they are due. Late work will not be accepted.

Here’s how it works. You have 12 reading assignments to complete this semester. For each reading assignment, you will take notes on the main ideas from the power point lectures, complete the exercises in each assigned chapter in your textbook, AND if you have an assigned sample essay from you're handbook, you must answer 7 questions about it [see link above for more specific details]. Type the lecture notes, exercises, and sample essay answers into your word processing software and upload them to WebCT.

Writing Group Assignments 50 points A-F [click here for more info]

There are several different writing group tasks you have to complete this semester. Each specific task is listed in the schedule with a due date. Essentially, the writing group is where you will share your writing, get feedback from others, give feedback, and practice your skills. You will share outlines, thesis statements, paragraphs, essays and talk about the novel at the end of the course.

Reading Quizzes 100 Points A-F

These tests are on-line, timed, multiple choice quizzes that are designed to see how well you read and understood the information studied in class. You may take each quizzes two times. The scores will be averaged. You may take these quizzes anytime up to the cut-off date. **Note: the final exam quiz may only be taken once and you may NOT use notes.

On-line Quiz number one 25 pts – available from 10:00 am PST 3/6 until 10:00 am 3/10
On-line Quiz number two 25 pts – available from 10:00 am PST 4/3 until 10:00 am 4/7
On-line Quiz number three 25 pts – available from 10:00 am PST 5/1 until 10:00 am 5/5
On-line Quiz number four 25 pts – taken on date of final exam

Paragraph #1 -- 30 Points A-F [click here for more information]

In the first two weeks of class, we will quickly review paragraph structure and you will submit a fully developed paragraph with title, topic sentence, transitions, main points and examples.

Paragraph #1 due before 2/8 10:00 am PST

Peer Reviews - 60 Points CR/NCR [click here for more info]

There are three peers reviews due this semester. Each peer review is worth 20 points [5 points to post your essay, 10 points to comment on others essays, and 5 points to ask the instructor about your essay].

This is how it works, in your writing groups, you will post a rough draft of your essay and then read and make comments on everyone’s work in your group, using the peer review sheets in your packets. This will help you practice your editing skills, allow you too see others’ work, and get help from peers to improve your work. You are also required to email your instructor in WebCT a question about your essay after the peer review session . These are easy points and really helpful to you, so don't miss out on them.

Final Draft Essays-- [100 pts each] 300 Points A-F [click here for more info]

During the semester, you will write three fully developed essays with titles, introductions [including attention getter, transition sentences, thesis & plan of development], body paragraphs [including topic sentences, transitions, main points and examples], and conclusion [including restatement of thesis, ending strategy, and solid final sentence].

You may re-write ONE of your final draft essays and turn it in for a better grade. You have 1 week to revise it after it has been graded. Note: You must do more than simply correct grammatical errors - you must add or subtract material causing a significant change in the work.

Essay #1 due 3/17 before 10 am PST
Essay #2 due 4/26 before 10 am PST
Essay #3 due 5/12 before 10 am PST

Midterm - In-Class Essay 75 Points A-F

In-class essays are specifically designed to help you quickly formulate and organize your ideas. In-class essays are a total of 60 minutes in which you will choose one of two topics presented and complete a quick pre-write, outline, and essay draft. In-class essays test your knowledge of essay structure as well as prepare you for the writing placement exams given at 4 year colleges.

Midterm is ON-CAMPUS 3/20 from 3:00-5:00 pm in room L206

**Note - you will be dropped from class if you miss the midterm [no exceptions]

Final Project 110 Points A-F [click here for more info]

This is a research essay that will be turned in on the final exam date. Students must complete research to support their position. The research report MUST focus on a topic about the novel.

Final is ON-CAMPUS 5/22 from 3:00-5:00 pm in room L206

Class Participation 30 Points A-F

Much of the class is based on student on-line discussion of readings. You will be working in groups to answer questions about the readings. For this reason, your on-line attendance is very important. You all begin with 30 points! To maintain your points, you must log onto WebCT three times a week. Each time you miss logging in, I will subtract 5 points per day missed from your participation score. Once you reach ZERO points, you will be dropped from the class!

Orientation Assignments 20 points A-F [click here for orientation page]

On Campus 1/23 Room L206 from 3:00-5:00 pm PST

We will be working on the orientation assignments in class on the orientation day. There are 4 specific activities you must complete correctly to get your points.

Journal #0 = 5 points / Notes & Exercises #0 = 5 points / Writing Group #0 = 5 points / Quiz #0 = 5 points

**Note - you will be dropped from class if you miss the orientation [no exceptions]

Course Grading Policy

A = 787.5-875 Excellent 
B = 700-787 Superior
C = 612.5-699 Good 
D = 525-612 Poor 
F = 0-524 No Pass

This course adheres to the policies outlined in the Cuyamaca College Catalog. For further information, see Academic Policies stated in the catalogue.

**NOTE: For help with writing your assignments, I suggest going to the Writing Center located on the first floor of the Library. You can sign up for an assisted tutoring course for NO CHARGE and get assistance writing your essays!

Last Updated: 12/15/2014
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