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Financial Aid & Scholarships
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Eligibility for Online Courses Only

Federal and State regulations prohibit Cuyamaca College from offering distance education to students residing in another state without prior approval from that state. As a result, students who are enrolled entirely in on-line courses at Cuyamaca College must live in California during that semester to be eligible for federal aid for the term.

Students must verify their place of residence with the Financial Aid Office. This can be done by submitting a copy of a recent:

  • Utility bill (water, cable, gas & electric)
  • Rental agreement or mortgage statement in your name with your current address

If you are unable to provide us a copy of any of those documents, you can provide your  bank statement, cell phone bill, or insurance statement that shows your name and current address on it along with a statement explaining why you don't have any utility bills or a lease agreement/mortgage statement under your name.


  • Documents submitted should be dated within the semester that you are enrolled entirely in on-line courses for.
  • Please make sure your full name and Student ID# are clearly written or typed on every document you submit.
  • If you have a Pell grant award and you have not verified with us that you reside in California, your disbursement will be on hold (including the Pell grant book voucher).

You can mail or e-mail your response and documentation to your
Financial Aid Advisor or submit them to our office in person. If you visit our office, please make sure you bring your ID card (ex. College ID card or a current government issued ID card).

REMINDER: You must provide updated documentation each semester you are enrolled in on-line courses only.

Students who are enrolled in on-line course only and who are residing in another state will not be eligible for Financial Aid Disbursements from Cuyamaca College.

*Cuyamaca College Financial Aid Office does not guarantee the accuracy of translated text through Google Translate. If the information you are translating is not clear, please return to the home page of Cuyamaca College Financial Aid & Scholarships, click "Contact Us," and call for assistance, or email your question to the appropriate Advisor. Cuyamaca College Financial Aid Office disclaims and will not accept any liability for any problems caused by the use of the Google Translate feature.

Last Updated: 08/22/2016
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