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Scholarship Myths

Scholarship are only available for athletic, academic scholars and OTHERS.....NOT FOR ME!

This ❝THOUGHT❞ is not only WRONG❞ is SADLY WRONG.



There are various types of scholarships available.  Scholarships are funded through private sponsors, foundations, philanthropic organizations, major corporation, and average people trying to help student meet some of their college expenses.

Also, contact the Scholarship Office for more assistance, the Scholarship Specialist is always ready to help.

Reasons "Why" Students "Should Apply"

Why Student's Apply

  • Financial need is not a pre-qualifier for most scholarships.
  • Scholarship deadlines vary depending on the sponsors desires.
  • Grades are only one type of qualifier; there are many other types of scholarships available.
  • Scholarships don't screen applicants out due to age! However there are age specific scholarships for older students.
  • Scholarships work with your financial aid not against.
  • Some scholarships require only the ESSAY!
  • On Campus or Online Scholarships do work for you.


Reasons Why students think they "Should Not Apply"

So YOU Shouldn't Apply?

  • My parents make too much money
  • The deadlines for applying occur only in the Fall/Spring
  • Grades are the only criteria for the award
  • I am too old to earn a scholarship
  • Scholarships interfere with financial aid
  • Scholarships are not for ONLINE students
  • I do not know how to apply for scholarship
  • I do not know where to look for scholarships
  • I do not have enough time (REALLY WRONG)

If you believe any of the "Should Not Apply" answers contact the Scholarship Office immediately for information that WILL engage your desire to be one of the 10 - 15% that are "IN" the scholarship competition.       


Contact Us 

For further assistance and guidance in applying for scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Office. We are located in the Financial Aid Office (Building 300) at the Student Services Center. To make an appointment please email or call (619) 660-4537 we will need your Student ID number, also if you email us please provide your best date/times for your appointment. Walk-in appointments are welcome.

Ernest Williams
Scholarship Specialist
Financial Aid Office
(619) 660-4537

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Last Updated: 03/13/2019
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