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How To Apply For Scholarships

The Scholarships Process:

Each of the accordions below contains ❝Step 1-3❞  information on each part of the scholarship process, review each step as YOU DESIRE. The ❝Other: Helpful Tools❞ accordion is available to guide you through other types of scholarship challenges sponsors may require. Review this information as well it can help you succeed in your scholarship effort. Contact your Scholarship Specialist for more assistance.

Follow the PRINCIPLE: Be part of the 10 - 15% who are ❝IN❞ every scholarship competition....... NOT just completing an application.

Completing Scholarship Applications:


There are various types of applications, it is important that you FOCUS on the application type you are completing and ensure all the required information is included. Make sure you review your application before you turn the application in to the sponsor, mail the application in, or submit the application online.

If you have any questions about your application contact the

Scholarship Applications Process:


Complete Online Applications

  • Take your time when entering   ❝All Information❞
  • Ensure ALL numbers are entered correctly ❝Like Beginning ZERO'S❞ in ❝Student ID Numbers❞
  • Enter dates exactly the way the system prompts.
  • ❝Double Check❞ all information for spelling punctuation, format, and clarity ❝BEFORE❞ you submit your application on any online application website, this includes ❝Academic Works❞ .
  • Keep track of your ❝Username and Password❝ as they may be used multiple times to edit the online application.

Complete Paper and PDF Applications

  • Print each new blank scholarship application
  • Read and follow ALL instructions/highlight the important points on the application
  • Hand fill-in a rough draft of the application
  • DO NOT turn in a handwritten applications
  • DO NOT write in all ❝UPPERCASE❞ or ❝lowercase❞ text in the FINAL application Unless DIRECTED.
  • Fill out the final application online, also spell and grammar check.
  • Print application on white paper with a new cartridge, make (2 Copies) 1 - To send to Sponsor & 1 - To SAVE as Reference
  • Sign and Date the Application

Online Application Example - ❝AcademicWorks❞


Tips To Write your Personal Statement/Essay


The Personal Statement and Essay are two ways sponsors have you answer their question or questions. How you answer their questions is up to YOU. To optimize your chances, follow the tips below and ask for help from the Scholarship Specialist .

Scholarship Statement Process:

  • Read and follow ALL Personal Statement Instructions/Essay
  • Answer each question completely/use examples to support your answer
  • Make sure the personal statement/essay conforms to the sponsor’s requirements
  • Do spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, flow, and readability checks on all papers
  • Use the ❝ Scholarship Essay Writing Resource web page for assistance and read the ❝Do's & Don'ts❞ tips for guidance
  • Print on regular white paper Use a New print cartridge. Save a copy of the final draft w/ Q's on computer.
  • Sign and Date the Personal Statement/Essay



Get a Great Reference Letter! Your Reference Letter is not built ONLY on a few words about your academic Studies or your Work habits. It is built on much more, it is a representation of who YOU are and a little about your academics or work habites. If the Reference/Recommendation Letter does not show this it is not a clear representation of who you are. That is why you need to follow the process below. If you need help with the process or getting Reference Letters contact your Scholarship Specialist .

How To Get YOUR Reference Letter


  • Read ALL of the application instructions, the sponsor will state what type(s) of reference letters are required.
  • Let the reference know it is best to write a General Reference Letter.
  • Provide the reference with some general background information to assist them in writing their reference letter. See an EXAMPLE of two Reference Letters. Using your major, hobbies, interests, challenges faced/overcome, or goals in no more than one paragraph, in 5 - 8 sentences.
  • Give each references a ❝ Thank You❞ card for their reference letter
  • Use only those reference letters that clearly speak well of you; reference letters may be used for 9 – 12 months
  • The Reference Should Not seal the letter closed.
  • The desired Reference ❝ DOES NOT❞ have to write a reference letter if requesteed.
  • Read your Reference Letters and send ONLY the number requested



Other Scholarship Tools to Help You Succeed


Mailing The Right Way!

Mailing your Application package is easy, but it is the one step that is overlooked by most APPLICANTS. Always use a MANILA envelope when mailing your application package Never FOLD your application package this makes the it look beat up. Mail your application well before the ❝Deadline❞


  • Always use a MANILA envelope when mailing your application package
  • Never FOLD your application package, this makes it look beat up and will not be viewed favorably by the sponsor.
  • Mail your application well before the  ❝Deadline❞


Reference Letterhead Paper!

There is always paper available for a proper References Letter ❝ALWAYS!❞ select the version you required:


  • Please select for general Cuyamaca College Administrator, Faculty or Counselor Letterhead paper. LETTERHEAD Paper No Sealed Evvelops required.
  • Please select for general Cuyamaca College Staff Letterhead paper. LETTERHEAD Paper No Sealed Evvelops required.


Essay and Video Presentation Tools:


- Essay Tools

Please use the various links provided below to help guide you through your writing needs; these writing tools can help you improve your essay. If you have any questions or need assistance writing, assistance please contact your Scholarship Specialist .

Resources - OWL English - Purdue University Writing Lab


Resources - OWL English - Purdue University ESL Writing Lab


Resources - MLA Example - University of Maryland Guide


Resources APA Example - University of Maryland Guide


Resources - Cuyamaca College Writing Center


- The Video Presentation Assistance

Sponsors provide one of several options to the written essay, Video Essay Presentations are more common today than ever before. This does not mean they are easier. Use the following VIDEO Presentation Guide to assist you in preparing for the challenge.


VIDEO Presentation Guide


How to UpLoad a Video Securely


- How To Apply For Scholarships Handout

If you would like a PDF copy of the ❝Scholarship Process❞ select the How To Apply For Scholarships Handout link and print a copy.


Scholarship Process Handout



For further assistance and guidance in applying for scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Office. We are located in the Financial Aid Office (Building 300) at the Student Services Center. To make an appointment please email or call (619) 660-4537 provide  your Student ID number, please provide your best date and time that you are available.  Walk-in appointments are welcome.

Ernest Williams

Scholarship Specialist
Financial Aid Office
1 (619) 660-4537

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