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Veteran Textbook Library

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Arts and Humanities

Art 100: Preble's Artforms, 10th Edition; Frank

MUS 110: The Enjoyment of Music; Kristine Forney, AD, JM

MUS 111: Essential Jazz, The First 100 Years, 2nd Edition; Martin, Waters

MUS 115: American Popular Music, The Rock Years; Starr, Waterman

RELG 120: World Religion in America; Jacob Neusner

SPAN 120: Vistas, 4th Edition; Blanco, Donley

Business and Economics

BUS 120: Financial Accounting Fundamentals, 4th Edition (loose leaf); John J. Wild

BUS 125: Business Law-Text & Exercise, 7th Edition; Miller, Hollowell

BUS 125: Business Law-Text & Exercise, 8th Edition; Miller, Hollowell

BUS 128: Business Communication Today, 12th Edition; Courtlan L Bovee, JT

BUS 128: Business Communication Today, 13th Edition; Courtlan L Bovee, JT

RE 190: California Real Estate Principles, 10th Edition; Brady, Estes, McKenzie

RE 191: California Real Estate Practice, 8th Edition; Pivar, Anderson, Otto

RE 193: California Real Estate Law: Text & Cases, 9th Edition; Ted H. Gordon

English and Communication

COMM 110: Mass Media in a Changing World, 4th Edition; George Rodman

COMM 120: Interpersonal Communication-Relating to Others; Steven A. Beebe, SB, MR

COMM 122: Speech Preparation Workbook, 3rd Edition; Suzanne Osborn

COMM 122: The Art of Public Speaking; Stephen E. Lucas

COMM 122: iSpeak: Improve Your Speech Credibility; Nelson, Titsworth, Pearson

Science and Math

ASTRO 110: Discovering the Universe, 10th Edition; Neil F. Comins, WJK

BIO 130: Biology-A Guide to the Natural World, 5th Edition; David Krogh

BIO 140: Human Anatomy, 8th Edition; Martini, Timmions, Tallitsch

BIO 140: Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual with Cat Dissections, 7th Edition; Elaine N. Mariem, SM, LS

BIO 152: Microbiology, and Introduction, 10th Edition; Tortora, Funke, Case

CHEM 102: General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry-Structures of Life, 4th Edition; Karen C. Timberlake

CHEM 102: General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry-Structures of Life, 5th Edition; Karen C. Timberlake

GEO 120: Discovering Physical Geography; Wiley

GEOL 104: Earth Science, 13th Edition (loose leaf); Tarbuck, Lutgens, Tasa, Pearson

GEOL 10: Visualizing Earth Science; Zeeya Merali

MATH 88: Beginning Algebra, 7th Edition; Baratto, Bergman

MATH 120: A Survey of Mathematics with Applications, 8th Edition; Angel, Abbott, Runde

MATH 125/126: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, 9th Edition; Angel, Abbott, Runde

MATH 125/126: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Activities Manual, 9th Edition; Angle, Abbott, Runde

MATH 178: Pearson Custom Mathematics; Pearson

OCEAN 112: Essentials of Oceanagraphy, 11th Edition; Alan Trujillo

COUN 120: College & Career Success, 6th Edition; Marsha Fralick
Social Sciences

CD 125: Child from Birth to Adolescence; Matorel

HEALTH 120: Image of Health; Elizabeth Barrington, JS

HIST 101: Worlds Together, Worlds Apart Vol. 1; Elizabeth Polland

HIST 101: Worlds Togetger, Worlds Apart Vol. 2; Elizabeth Polland

HIST 101: Traditions & Encounters Vol. 1: A Global Perspective on the Past, 6th Edition; Bently, Ziegler, Streets-Salter

HIST 108: American History, A Survey Vol. 1, 13th Edition; Alan Brinkely

HIST 108: American History, A Survey Vol. 2, 13th Edition, Alan Brinkely

HIST 109: American Horizons Vol. 2; Michael Schaller

HIST 109: Give Me Liberty, An American History Vol, 2, 4th Edition; Eric Foner

HUM 110: The Humanities-Through the Arts, 9th Edition; F. David Martin, LJ

POSC 121: Gateways to Democracy-An Introduction to American Government; John G. Geer, WS, JS, RH, DG

POSC 121: American Government; Timothy O. Lenz, MH

PSY 120: Invitation to Psychology, 6th Edition; Wade, Tavris, Garry

PSY 120: Psychology, 6th Edition; James S. Nairne

PSY 150: Life-Span Human Development; Carol K. Sigelman, EAR

SOC 120: Society: The Basics, 13th Edition; Macionis


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