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Veronica Nieves
Tutoring & Study Center Coordinator
phone: (619) 660-4306

Mary Graham
Writing Center Director
phone: (619) 660-4247

Tutoring Subjects

• Art

American Sign Language

• Biology

• Business


• Chemistry

• Child Development


• Computer Information

• Economics

• English


• French

• Geography

• Graphic Design

• History

• Math

• Ornamental Horticulture

• Physics

• Reading

• Spanish

• Writing

• and others



Cuyamaca College offers tutoring at no cost to enrolled students. Tutoring is available in a variety of subjects in both Academic and Vocational programs.

There are three tutoring centers on campus:

Writing, reading, and ESL Center

Writing, science writing, reading, and ESL tutoring is provided by appointment only. This Center supports writing needs for all classes.

Online Tutoring is available on an as needed basis. Please contact Kelly Allen at for further information.

Location: B-167
Phone: 619-660-4463


Reading, Writing, and ESL Center Hours
June 9 - July 17

Day Open Close
Monday 10 am 2 pm
Tuesday 10 am 2 pm
Wednesday 10 am 2 pm
Thursday 10 am 2 pm
Friday Closed  
Sat, Sun Closed  


STEM Achievement Center

STEM Achievement Center is a resource center that provides individual assistance in Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics. Instructors and student tutors are available to answer homework questions, give confidence, and support students. also have access to graphing calculators, textbooks, instructional videos, and computer tutorial programs. STEM Achievement Center provides 36 computers for students to use and they are similar to computers in H-119 (Math Computer Lab).

Location: H Building First Floor
Phone: 619-660-4396


Science Technology Engineering & Math Study Center Hours
August 18 - December 15

Day Open Close
Monday 9 am 4 pm
Tuesday 9 am 4 pm
Wednesday 9 am 4 pm
Thursday 9 am 4 pm
Friday * 9 am Noon
Sat, Sun Closed  

* Friday hours are for the "AfterMath Workshop" - Math 80, 88, 90, 96, and 97 only.


General Tutoring Center

General Tutoring is available by appointment only. There are study groups and individual tutoring available for currently enrolled students. Check with the Tutoring Center for appointments and group tutoring times.

Open lab tutoring is available for CISCO, CIS, CADD, and Graphic Design students. Please call 619-660-4306 for days, times, and location.

Online Tutoring may be available on an as needed basis. Please contact Veronica Nieves at for further information.

Location: C-102
Phone: 619-660-4306


General Tutoring Center Hours
August 18 - December 15

Day Open Close
Monday 9 am 4 pm
Tuesday 9 am 4 pm
Wednesday 9 am 4 pm
Thursday 9 am 4 pm
Fri, Sat, Sun Closed  



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