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Spring 2014 Schedule

All workshops for the College for Kids program will be held from Monday – Thursday. Some courses may only be offered in the morning session (9am-12pm)  or afternoon session (1pm-4pm). 
* Please note: All classes and schedules are subject to change. Please check your preferred class carefully.*

All courses are held on Cuyamaca College campus except for Golf and Video Game Design


Photoshop Fun

Course Code: 1485 Fee: $95

Location: E230, Cuyamaca College

This class introduces the concept of digital images, and how they can be manipulated and enhanced using Adobe Photoshop software. Students will learn the concepts of digital images, and use Photoshop to edit, change, enhance and artistically refine digital images and photographs. Projects will include making a collage, airbrushing, rendering color and shape changes, and making composite images.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1485 M-Th 4/14-4/17 9am-12pm Cuyamaca College
(CC) Room E-230

Elements of Art

Course Code: 1575 Fee: $95

Location: B363, Cuyamaca College

Dabble in the visual arts and discover what you like best! Using a wide variety of media, students will explore basic principles of design and color. Methods will include drawing, painting and clay modeling. All experience levels welcome.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1575 M-Th 4/14-4/17 9am-12pm Cuyamaca College


Course Code: 1515 Fee: $85

Location: B120, Cuyamaca College

Have you always wanted to sing on American Idol or be on the show Glee? Then this class is perfect for you! Students discover the basic concepts of music theory, vocal techniques, and learn several new songs. Explore the concept of movement and music that goes along with the “Glee style”. We will also be using the American Idol game via the Wii. This is a performance class.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1515 M-Th 4/14-4/17 9am-12pm Cuyamaca College

Karate and Self Defense

Course Code: 1630 Fee: $95

Location: B360, Cuyamaca College

A fun and informative journey into the world of Karate, including study of basic Karate kicks, punches and blocks. Students will enjoy fun games and relays designed to develop balance, strength, agility, flexibility, teamwork, and more! We will also cover bullying, what it is and how to handle it, and respect for self and others.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1630 M-Th 4/14-4/17 9am-12pm Cuyamaca College

Video Game Design

Course Code: 1600 Fee: $95

Location: 55-530, Grossmont

Learn how to make digital video games by modeling and animating game assets in 3D Max from scratch, and take home samples of your modeling and animation. This course offers real world exposure to production video game making, while experiencing the hands-on processes of forming a game idea, game story, motion capture, story boards, and character design.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1600 M 4/14-4/17 9am-12pm Grossmont College
(GC) Room55-530  


Get Animated! Digital Animation for Kids

Course Code: 1605 Fee: $95

Location: E230, Cuyamaca College

This is a fun class for aspiring animators, storytellers, movie directors, and budding creatives of all types. We will create several short animated movies using the preferred software and design tools of industry pros. Develop characters, narratives, and basic techniques of frame animation.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1605 M-Th 4/14-4/17 1pm-4pm Cuyamaca College
(CC) Room E-230

Young Chefs Academy

Course Code: 1495 Fee: $95

Location: B121, Cuyamaca College

Learn how to prepare tasty meals and have fun doing it. This class covers basic cutting and blending techniques, discussion of food groups and complementary tastes, nutrition and health, and menu planning.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1495 M-Th 4/14-4/17 1pm-4pm Cuyamaca College
Mosaic Art

Course Code: 1635 Fee: $95

Location: E231, Cuyamaca College

Have fun creating unique mosaic designs you keep for home or give away as gifts. Working in an open art studio with hands-on instruction, you will leave with 2-3 finished projects in 4 days! Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, this class is for you!

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1635 M-Th 4/14-4/17 1pm-4pm Cuyamaca College

Children’s Theatre Workshop

Course Code: 1355 Fee: $80

Location: B120, Cuyamaca College

This class is designed for student to learn and show off their basic acting and performing skills. Students will discover their creativity through theatre games, improvisation, singing monologues, audition techniques and more.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1355 M-Th 4/14-4/17 1pm-4pm Cuyamaca College


Course Code: 1620 Fee: $120

Location: Cottonwood Golf Course

This class is designed to introduce girls and boys 8-14 to the game of golf. From etiquette to swing techniques, students will develop an understanding the game of a lifetime. Students will also learn to play on the golf course during the last class. Clubs will be provided at no charge or if kids have clubs, they can bring them.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1620 M-Th 4/14-4/17 1pm-4pm Cottonwood Golf Course CANCELLED









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