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Looking for a good book? The Cuyamaca Library ESL Collection is a fine collection of classic and contemporary fiction.
This ESL Library collection was project is funded by the
Basic Skills Initiative to help Cuyamaca students enjoy the art of reading. 


ESL 98 novels

 To find the book and it's call number go to Library Catalog and type in "ESL 98" or "ESL 102" or "ESL 105"


English as a Second Language 102

To find the book and it's call number go to Library Catalog and type in "ESL 98" or "ESL 102" or "ESL 105"

English as a Second Language 105

To find the book and it's call number go to Library Catalog and type in "ESL 98" or "ESL 102" or "ESL 105"

Titles: The Lightning Thief (Book One)
            The Sea of Monsters (Book Two)
            The Titan’s Curse (Book Three)
            The Battle of the Labyrinth (Book Four)
            The Last Olympian (Book Five)
  • The Roots of the Blues  by Samuel Charters (non-fiction)
    How the blues music was handed down from African slaves to musicians of today via the slave ships.
  • The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf by Gerald Morris
    Lynet, a feisty young woman, journeys to King Arthur’s Camelot in order to find a champion to rescue her beautiful older sister, and is joined on the quest by a clever dwarf and a bold kitchen boy, neither of whom is what he seems.                     
  • The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne     
    A tale of love, crime, and revenge set in colonial New England. It revolves around a single, forbidden act of passion that forever alters the lives of three members of a small Puritan community.
  • Singer in the Snow by Louise Marley
    In a land where the sun shines only once every five years, two gifted young Singers are sent to a remote outpost where they struggle to refine their abilities to create heat and light using their psi energy.
  • The Sleeping Prophet  by Edgar Cayce (non-fiction)
    This fascinating biography, written by on the country's foremost authorities on metaphysics.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne  
    Science fiction fantasy carries its hero—Professor Aronnax of the Museum of Paris—on a thrilling and dangerous journey far below the waves to see what creatures live in the ocean’s depths.
  • A Walk Through the Fire by Marcia Muller
    Accidents are plaguing a documentary film crew on breathtakingly beautiful Kauai. Can San Francisco P.I. Sharon McCone ferret out possible sabotage behind the scenes?
  • Tarzan  of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burrough’s      
    John Clayton, born in the western coastal African jungle is found as an infant by the she-ape Kala after his parents died (his father is killed by the savage king ape Kerchak, Clayton is named "Tarzan" and raised in ignorance of his human heritage .
  • To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee           
  • Whisper to the Blood: A Kate Shugak Novel  by Dana Stabenow
    A Canadian mining company has discovered a rich mineral deposit in Alaska’s enormous Iqaluk Wildlife Refuge. Politicians see dollar signs for the state, but Ninilta residents, who live near the proposed site, are split: Will outsiders take the jobs? Will the wildlife be harmed by pollution? Will roads disintegrate . . . tourists invade? Then two individuals associated with the company turn up dead, and Kate is drawn into the investigation.
  • White Fang  by  Jack London  
    A wolf-dog who endures great cruelty before he comes to know human kindness.
  • A Wild and Lonely Place by Marcia Muller
    A series of bombings at embassies, consulates and U.N. delegation offices in the U.S. over the last five years is the work of someone the feds and the San Francisco police call the Diplo-bomber. A $1-million reward has been offered, and Sharon signs on with the slick security office of RKI to investigate.
  • The Woman in White  by Wilkie Collins  
    Walter Hartright's mysterious midnight encounter with the woman in white draws him into a vortex of crime, poison, kidnapping, and international intrigue