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    Tentative Timeline for Librarian Faculty and ESL Faculty


GOAL OF PROJECT: "By the conclusion of the semester all students will have demonstrated that they are developing familiarity with library sources. This could include attending a library orientation, obtaining at least one library source, or incorporating sources into an oral or written project."

1. To help students become more efficient readers, Cuyamaca Library will purchase a small library collection of selected reading materials to be available to all students.

2. To help students gain access to library information and resources so they can orient themselves to college demands.

3. To help students learn to communicate their library needs with the confidence that they will be heard.


TIMELINE for ESL faculty and librarian faculty per class

1. November 2009: Librarian will contact ESL faculty and set up a meeting/interview (1 hour). Sample interview questions

2. November 2009: Librarian will observe one class meeting to understand ESL classroom dynamics (1 hour)

3. December 2009: Librarian will have a draft of possible library instruction module for ESL faculty review (3 hours)

4. December 2009: Complete and sign all stipend forms by Dec 10, 2009.

5. February - March 2010: ESL faculty to test library instruction modules and submit revisions (30 minutes)

6. April 2010: Librarian and ESL faculty to complete final library instruction module. (1 hour)

7. May 2010 : Librarians to evaluate and discuss project