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SLO 5 Findings for Spring 2012-2nd cycle

SLO 5 expected outcomes: The student who interact with circulation staff will identify 4 out of 5 reserve policies and 4 out of 5 circulation policies with mean scores of 4.0.

     This is our second attempt to implement a quantitative approach to data collection. We designed two multiple-choice quizzes, the first quiz to assess student ability to identify circulation desk policies and the second quiz to assess student ability to identify reserve collection policies.

     The two quizzes were distributed to students over a 4-week period beginning March 1, 2012 and ending March 30, 2012. Data collection was done by student intern who distributed the quizzes to students on the second floor. The student intern was given instructions to distribute the circulation desk quiz to 100 students who have interacted with the circulation staff at some time during the semester and to 100 students who have interacted with the circulation staff at some time during the semester. Students were asked to complete the survey only if they have received "prior instruction" from the library circulation staff on circulation and reserve collection policies. The term "prior instruction" is defined as instruction from library staff to individual students. Prior instruction is given at the beginning of the Jan 2012 and ending Feb 29, 2012.

Data collection and analysis
     The quantitative assessment of students ability to identify circulation desk policies and reserve collection policies produced the following numbers. The raw scores show 61 out of 100 students could identify at least 4 or more reserve policies and 55 out of 100 students could identify at least 4 or more circulation policies.    The percentages are satisfactory even though we did not meet our  expected outcomes.  

     Student raw scores were added to achieve the mean score.  The mean score is the average of all the raw scores. Instead of reflecting a student's rank compared to others, mean scores indicate how far above or below the average (the "mean") an individual score falls. The mean score for reserve policies is 3.33 and the mean score for circulation polices is 3.41. Since our expected outcomes for both surveys is to reach the mean score of 4.0 and since our results were lower than we expected, we will survey students again in Fall 2012-3rd cycle.

Recommendations and changes for third assessment cycle:

1.Library staff will change the data collection methodology. Last year in cycle 1, library staff collected the data and the mean score was much higher (3.48/3.8) compared to this year of 3.33/3.4. This drop in mean score may be due to faulty data collection.
2. Our data collection methodology was not well-executed. Last Fall 2011, the library staff distributed the surveys to students who completed each quiz at the circulation desk. This Spring 2012, both quizzes were distributed by a student intern to all students on the 2nd floor. We do not know if the intern gave clear directions to all students. We do not know if she gave both quizzes to the same students. It is possible that students who filled out the circulation quiz thought they were filling out the reserve quiz and vice versa.
3. Question distractors need to be revised.
4. Instead of distributing both circulation survey and reserve survey at the same time, implement one survey at a time.
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