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Based on revisions to Title 5, the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District has revised its enrollment priorities procedures, to promote student access, success, and equity.

Click Here to Read Our FAQ regarding the new Priority Enrollment Regulations


Students will be placed in "groups" based on the criteria below. All new students are required to complete orientation, assessment and develop a student education plan in order to be eligible for priority enrollment.
  • Group 1: Active duty military and Veterans, current and former foster youth up to age 24, CalWORKs, EOPS & DSPS students.
  • Group 2: Continuing students with 45-90 GCCCD degree-applicable units.
  • Group 3: First-time to college students who have completed assessment, orientation and developed a student education plan.
  • Group 4: Continuing students with 12 or more units but not more than 44.5 GCCCD degree-applicable units.
  • Group 5: Continuing students with 0 - 11.5 GCCCD units.
  • Group 6: New Applicants who have applied but not gone through the matriculation process.
  • Group 7: Open enrollment - includes students with 90 or more GCCCD degree applicable units.

Loss of Enrollment Priority (Applies to all students including Veterans, CalWORKs, DSPS, and EOPS)

Students shall lose their enrollment priority based upon any of the following:
  • Student has exceeded the 90 degree applicable units at Grossmont and/or Cuyamaca College
  • Student has two consecutive enrolled semesters of any type (progress or academic) probation (Summer is not included)
  • New Student has not completed orientation, assessment and created a student education plan

Petition of Loss of Enrollment Priority Status

Students may petition the loss of their enrollment priority based on one of the following criteria:
  • Student who have experienced extenuating circumstances (verified cases of accident, illnesses or other circumstances beyond the student's control that affected their academic performance in the previous semester.)
  • Students who have made significant academic improvement where they meet the minimum grade point average and/or progress standard to be removed from academic or progress probation.
  • Students who have exceeded 90 units of degree-applicable coursework at GCCCD and enrolled in a high unit major
  • Students with disabilities who applied for, but did not receive reasonable accommodations in a timely manner.
  • Students who have other specific situations that warrant considerations (e.g. Last term in GCCCD and needs a specific course to graduate or transfer.)

Petition Form

Notice: The last day to submit a petition for consideration of change in Enrollment priority for Spring 2015 enrollment is Thursday, November 13, 2014.

Petition forms require Adobe Reader to view. If you are having difficulties accessing the form, please right click on the form and save it to your desktop. All forms require Adobe Reader 9 or above.


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