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Social Sciences Department
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Anita Stirling, M.S.W., Credentialed Mediator

About the Social Work Program

The Social Work program in Cuyamaca's department of Behavioral and Social Sciences offers an Associates Degree in Social Work. The Social Work courses offered at Cuyamaca can be used as transfer credits for San Diego State University's Bachelor of Social Work Program and other Social Work programs. Please consult the Cuyamaca College Catalog to learn about the requirements of the Associates degree in Social Work.

"Social work is the Profession that helps society work better for people and helps people work better in society" - Bartlett, Defining Social Work

Social Work may be for you if you...

  • Like to work with people from many different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life
  • Are interested in understanding human behavior
  • See the strengths in people
  • Have compassion and empathy
  • Are a good problem solver
  • Believe in the power of communities

Social Workers make a contribution to the lives of individuals, families, children, and communities. They help effect change not just in peoples' lives, but also in institutions, organizations, and legislation and policy at the local, state, and national level.

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