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Social Sciences Department
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Anita Stirling, M.S.W., Credentialed Mediator

Social Work 110

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Social Work 110 is a three unit course that provides an overview of the social work profession. This course adheres to the policies outlined in the Cuyamaca Course Catalogue, 2013-2014, and it meets the requirements for transfer credit to San Diego State University.

Course Content

Social Work 110 explores a historical overview of the profession, social work education, central concepts and theories, the social welfare system, modes of intervention, working with diverse populations, social work fields of practice, social work roles, values, ethics, and critical issues of the profession

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who have successfully completed the course requirements for Social Work 110 should be able to demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and competency in the following areas:

  1. Identify and describe the fields of practice and existing services of social work programs
  2. Incorporate social issues, cultural diversity and cultural competency in describing and identifying the fields of practice
  3. Identify the major social work theories, perspectives, approaches and practice methods
  4. Identify and describe social work values and ethics as outlined by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
  5. Identify, and describe the impact of personal values as they relate to professional social work values
  6. Conduct research on social work fields of service in accordance with APA format and/or per instructor's directions and requirements

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