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Dr. Lauren Vaknin

Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Please contact the office of Student Affairs at 619-660-4295

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ASGCC Elections

Come be a part of democracy at Cuyamaca College!

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until the 2014 Cuyamaca College ASGCC Elections End

What is ASGCC?

The Associated Student Government of Cuyamaca College is an elected association that promotes the following objectives:

  • To serve as an active student voice in the operation of the college, including both shared governance and the management of student activities.
  • To provide an opportunity for leadership experience and training for students.
  • To enhance, wherever possible, the general excellence of the college, uniting the interests of all persons - faculty, administration, local residents and students.

When are the elections?

The 2014 elections are from April 28 at 9:00am - April 30, 2014 at 12:00pm.  The election will close at 12:00pm.

Who can vote?

All currently enrolled students taking classes at Cuyamaca College may vote in the election. Your student fees provide you with the opportunity to help choose your representatives in ASGCC.

Who are the Candidates?

Office Candidate
President Elsa Hernandez (view)
Vice President Mariah Moschetti (view)
Student Trustee Jocelyn Estrada (view)
Treasurer Jacqueline E. Tirado (view)
Larry Woodford (view)
InterClub Council Representative Richard Arias (view)
Student Senator Pishtiwan Ahmaki (view)

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