Elsa Hernandez

Candidate Statement:

Hello, my name is Elsa Hernandez. I am currently the Cuyamaca Student Trustee. I work with the district and as a Trustee I mainly focus on the policies enforced at Cuyamaca College and how they affect the students that go here. This passed year I have worked closely with the current Student Government President and have gained knowledgeable details about student life at Cuyamaca College. If elected Student Government President I want to focus on a more close relationship with the Associated Student Government as well as the clubs and sports on campus. I want Student Government to move forward as the strong organization that it is. Most importantly, if elected Student Government President, I want Cuyamaca students to feel good about coming to Cuyamaca College. I want them to be happy about going to Cuyamaca College and as president; I want to do that by creating an upbeat, welcoming, school spirit campus. I also want Student Government to be more presentable so students at Cuyamaca feel comfortable about going to us to talk about any issues that they encounter. I look forward to working very closely with each student on campus.

Thank You