Jocelyn Estrada

Candidate Statement:

I have been a member of associated student government here at Cuyamaca for the past two years, last year as an emerging leader and this year I am serving as Secretary. Both of these positions that I have held have taught me multiple leadership skills, skills that I believe I can use toward becoming Student Trustee. I feel that, throughout these past two years, my public speaking skills, my ability to manage my time appropriately, and learning how to focus on both short and long-term goals will make me an effective and responsible Trustee. As a Trustee, I will always do my best to represent our student population here at Cuyamcaca, and I will be actively involved in all events as well as present in all my meetings. I feel that the years I have put in so far as a member of student government has proven that I am a qualified candidate for the Trustee position, and I am looking forward to moving our school forward together.