Mariah Moschetti

Candidate Statement:

Hello, my name is Mariah Moschetti and I am running to be the next Executive Vice President of the Student Government here at Cuyamaca College.

I am a hardworking, highly driven and experienced person that can easily handle the responsibilities that I know come with being Vice President. I have been involved with the Associated Student Government since Fall 2013, first serving as a Senator and then as the Activities Coordinator. I have faithfully attended our weekly meetings and have been highly involved in the planning and carrying out of numerous events. Thus, I am aware of how Student Government is run and am duly qualified and experienced for this position.

The qualities I will bring to Student Government with this position are my dedication, energy and progressiveness. I constantly seek improvement and avoid complacency at all costs. I want the best for this college and my fellow students. If elected Vice President, I will strive to fulfil my duties and represent the needs of all the students of Cuyamaca College to the utmost of my abilities.

Thank you for your consideration