Taylor Payne-Florence

Candidate Statement:

My name is Taylor Payne-Florence and I want to run as your Associate Student Government Senator.

My promise is to promote and sponsor fun activities for Cuyamaca College. I want school to be more enjoyable for the whole entire student body. I want students to look at this school more than just another year of school. I want them to look at this school as a long lifetime experience. I offer my brain full of creative thoughts and ideas. I offer my resources that can make dreams come true. I will do my best to be dedicated, loyal, responsible and involved in everything I do; whether, it's a meeting, conference, looking over and listening to other information from the other participants in ASG, keeping up with my grades and being a good respectable representative for ASG at Cuyamaca College. I am Taylor Payne-Florence and I want to thank you for your time.