Zayde Zazueta

Candidate Statement:

Hello Cuyamaca student body, my name is Zayde Zazueta and I am a highly motivated individual seeking to be your next President of student government. I am looking for a challenging position where my experience, accomplishments, and proficiency will allow me the opportunity for career growth. I have a vast amount of experience from being Vice President this year and senator the previous one. I am well aware of the amount of responsibilities that I will be taking on. In addition, I will bring a positive attitude and the knowledge to make the necessary changes that our school needs. I am self-driven and I aspire to do the absolute best in everything I set my mind to. I am very outgoing, I love working with people, and I am determined to continue on making as much of an impact in this community as I have done in my past academic experiences. Therefore, I know I am the right candidate for this position. If you vote for me I will thrive to make your experience here at Cuyamaca an excellent one.