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Geography 120:
Important Dates and Deadlines

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Important Dates:

All class meetings are important.  I understand that sometimes there are scheduling conflicts, but due to the brevity of this course, it is imperative that you attend each session. 

Tardiness: You need to be in your seat and ready to work at the appointed hour of  class. If you are not in your seat when roll is called at the beginning of class, you will loose 2 points for every occurrence even if you walk in during roll-call.  If extenuating circumstances such as a broken leg, prevent you from attending class, then you must bring documentation, from the hospital, of the incident. Verbal excuses are insufficient. It is also your responsibility to have a reliable source of transportation in order to arrive on time to class.


All transactions are handled in the Admissions Office

Last day to drop without a "W":  09/06/03
Refund Deadline: 
Last day to Add: 
Last day to Drop:

Credit/No Credit:  Petitions for Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)
grading must be filed with the admissions office by: 
Petitions are available at the Admissions Office.


Updated: February 20, 2014