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Part I Step 2: Bookmark and Read Your Syllabus

Your Syllabus is the most important document in the class. Please bookmark it on your computer(s) right now (or make it a shortcut on your desktop).
When you click on the link to your class' Syllabus below, the syllabus will open in a new window. Once you have carefully and thoroughly read the Syllabus for your class, you may close that window and return back to this page to continue on to Step 3 in your orientation.

Note: Syllabi are DRAFT until the 1st day of class
(i.e. changes before the 1st day of classes may happen)

Syllabus Math 160 #5468

Syllabus Math 160 #5478

You should put aside time and read your syllabus on a regular basis. It contains all of your deadlines, rules, regulations, etc. for this class. Failure to follow the deadlines or rules in the syllabus (or in the class/publisher's announcements or in the emails I send you) may lower your grade or cause you to be dropped from the class.
Also, you will not be able to complete the orientation lab in Step 5 of your orientation if you don't know the contents of your syllabus.

I would also suggest printing off at least two (2) copies of your Assignment Schedule and posting it in prominent places like in your math notebook, in your car, on your refrigerator, etc.

Please also re-read specific sections of the syllabus as those sections' contents become timely.
For example, re-read the Quiz Procedure section a few days before your first Quiz, re-read the Test/Final Exam Procedure section about a week before a Test/ Final Exam, etc.


I want to acknowledge Janeen Apalatea(MiraCosta College) for the creation of this online orientation