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   Plaster City Rocket Launch

The club will be departing from Cuyamaca College at 6:00 AM SHARP. You may meet at the school or drive to Plaster City, which is roughly 90 miles east of San Diego. A portion of the trip may involve off-road driving. Please be prepared.


·         GPS

·         Printed Directions, and Topographic Map

·         Waivers

·         Emergency Roadside Kit

·         Tow Straps

·         Gas, or gas money for the driver if you are carpooling

·         Car cell phone chargers, or solar cell phone charger

·         Power Inverter

·         Flashlights

·         Sleeping bags and tent for overnight stay

·         Food

·         Water

Rocket Design Components and Teams:

Mechanical Engineers Electrical Engineers


·         Welding

·         Nozzle Attachments


Team Members: J.P. Montello, Cindy Burnette, Alan Kasaab, Ryan Omahen, Anthony Mayberry

Arduino Programming:

·         Develop software to assist with the launch

·         Determine how to mount the Arduino


Team Members: Jessica Swinney and Zach Tranby


·         Evaluate alternate designs

·         Design using SolidWorks


Team Members: Joe and Zach Tranby

Parachute Design:

·         Determine appropriate material for chute

·         Design and sew as needed


Team Members: Karla Jorgensen-Ponce and Jessica Swinney


·         Determine material

·         Design compartments


Team Members: Joe and Alan

Launch Pad:

·         Design a stable launch pad

·         Preferably fire proof


Team Members: Richard and Brendon


·         Find durable hardware


Team Members: Karla Jorgensen Ponce and Ryan Omahen

Ryan Omahen and Zach Tranby

Zach, Ryan, and Anthony

Jessica Swinney Programming the Arduino