Counseling Classes

The Counseling Department offers a variety of classes to help you achieve success at Cuyamaca College. 
COUN 120, College & Career Success 3-units.  
This course teaches success strategies to enhance academic and lifelong learning. Explore personality, interests and values to increase self-understanding and select an appropriate major and career. Learn about careers of the future. Identify your learning style and apply psychological principles of learning and memory to academic study strategies. Apply life management techniques such as time and money management to accomplish personal goals. Examine adult stages of development and develop a plan for wellness and living a long and healthy life. Learn strategies for motivation and stress management. Practice creative and critical thinking techniques. Not open to students with credit in COUN/PDC 124.
COUN 110, Career Decision Making 1-unit, pass/no pass (no letter grade)
Utilization of a group seminar structure to explore and research various career and major options. Lecture, group discussion, experiential activities, and vocational assessment tools will be utilized to assist students in identifying their individual interests, values, and personality styles. Students will conduct educational and career research to relate their vocational assessment results to setting academic and career goals, and will learn how to write a resume and prepare for a job interview.
COUN 130, Study Skills & Time Management 1-unit, pass/no pass (no letter grade)
Designed to prepare students to adjust to the academic community by learning to plan and study effectively within given time limitations. Strategies include: time management, goal setting, textbook mastery, library research skills, note-taking, exam preparation, stress reduction, and educational planning.
COUN 140, Life Skills & Personal Adjustment, 3-units
Study of the cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, and existential theories as they relate to the understanding of the self and the dynamics of healthy adjustment. Students will learn life skills that are conducive to achieving a satisfying and healthy relationship with oneself and others. Using many of the skills suggested by the above theories, students will learn and apply personal achievement techniques, basic principles of healthy functioning, and effective coping strategies that facilitate the process of change and adaptation. Utilizing the major theories in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, the development of a healthy and strong identity and an empowered sense of self will be explored. The process of integrating thoughts and emotions into the development of identity will be emphasized.
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