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  Prerequisite Clearance and Challenges
Prerequisite Petition Forms:

Welcome to Prerequisites

Cuyamaca and Grossmont College fully enforce prerequisites and corequisites for all courses as stated in the college catalog. Prerequisite courses taken at other college are not automatically cleared and must be requested by the student two weeks (10 business days) prior to your registration date. Please note: Courses taken at Cuyamaca or Grossmont College are automatically used to clear prerequisites where appropriate.

Clearing a prerequisites based on coursework/external exam/assessment test:

I. To clear a prerequisite based on course work, please use "Prerequisite Clearance Form".

  • You have taken an equivalent course at another College and have the appropriate documentation, i.e. transcripts, grade reports, AP/IB test scores.
  • You have successfully passed an appropriate Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or CLEP exam;
  • You have an English and/or math assessment test from another local area college: Southwestern, San Diego City, San Diego, Mesa, San Diego Miramar, Mira Costa College, Palomar
Course work completed in High School is not considered unless articulated with the Tech Prep/CTE program.

Clearing a prerequisites based on other criteria:

II. To clear a prerequisite based on criteria other than course work, use the "Prerequisite Challenge Form". This is known as "challenging a prerequisite."

General Challenge The challenge process is designed for students who believe they have met a course prerequisite through means other than what is listed above. You may challenge a prerequisite based on one or more of the following:
  1. You have acquired through work or life experiences the skills and knowledge that is presupposed in terms of the course or program for which it is established. You must provide thorough documentation as to what skills and knowledge you have obtained, and how you obtained them. For example, if you are challenging CS 119 & 119L, you would provide written documentation describing your programming experience. In addition, you may choose to contact the chair person of the Computer Science Department to discuss your programming experience, and/or have a faculty member who teaches in the discipline give a written recommendation on the front of this form.
  2. You will be subject to undue delay in attaining the goal in your educational plan because the college has not made the prerequisite or co-requisite course reasonably available.
  3. You can demonstrate that you do not pose a threat to yourself or others in a course which has a prerequisite established to protect health and safety.
  4. The prerequisite has not been established in accordance with the District’s process for establishing prerequisites and co-requisites, and has not been established in accord with Title 5.
  5. The prerequisite or co-requisite is either unlawfully discriminatory or is being applied in an unlawfully discriminatory manner.


  1. Complete, sign and submit the form to the Counseling department at least ten business days prior to your registration date.
  2. Attach any supporting documentation to your form when submitting your petition.
  3. You will be notified within five (5) working days from the date the form is submitted regarding the result of your petition.
  4. If approved, you will be able to register in your class on WebAdvisor. If you are having difficulty please contact the Counseling Department at 619-660-4429

English/Math Placement Challenge

If you already took the English and/or math assessment at Cuyamaca College, but wish to challenge your placement level, contact the Assessment Office at 619-660-4426 to schedule a challenge exam. Only exams given by the Cuyamaca College Assessment Office are acceptable for this purpose.

Chemistry Challenge

Please review the Cuyamaca College catalog regarding Chemistry prerequisites. If you wish to enroll in Chemistry 141 without taking Chemistry 120, you must take the Chemistry challenge exam. Contact the Assessment Office at 619-660-4426 to schedule an appointment. If you have taken an equivalent course to Chemistry 120, please complete Option I of this form.


Term Definition
Prerequisite A prerequisite is a condition of enrollment that a student is required to meet in order to demonstrate current readiness for enrollment in a course or educational program.
Corequisite A corequisite is a condition of enrollment consisting of a course that a student is required to simultaneously take in order to enroll in another course.
Advisory or recommended preparation An advisory or recommended preparation is a condition of enrollment that a student is advised, but not required, to meet before or in conjunction with enrollment in a course or educational program.
Limitations on enrollment Limitations on enrollment are conditions for enrollment in Honors courses or courses which include public performance or intercollegiate competition.
Access to Courses All courses shall be open for enrollment to any student who has been admitted to the college, except that students may be required to meet necessary and valid prerequisites. In addition, the District may also limit enrollment in a course based on health and safety reasons.
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