Student Education Planning



Educational Planning is important for all students who plan to complete a Certificate of Achievement, Associate degree, or transfer to a university.  Continuing or returning students should meet with a counselor to develop an individual student education plan (SEP).  New students should attending an Orientation & New Student Advising Session. 

The process of educational planning and course selection can be confusing.  That is why is it very important to have access to the tools necessary to make well informed decisions.

College Catalog

Class Schedule

  • Refer to the Class Schedule and WebAdvisor to search and register for classes.
  • Classes are offered in a "block" format--Monday/Wednesday; Tuesday/Thursday; and Friday only classes.
  • Online, short term and Saturday classes are given special attention in the Class Schedule pages.
  • The Semester Calendar includes important dates such as refund, add and withdraw deadlines.


Most of these questions can be answered by reading the college catalog and class schedule.  However, a counselor can assist you in planning and organizing your academic goals.  Call 619-660-4429 to schedule an appointment.

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