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Math 96

Section 0116
MW 1:00-3:20 H138
MW 3:30-4:50 H119 (Lab)

Today's Lab:

Lab 10 - Normal Distribution
Body Measurement Data Set

Previous Labs:

Lab 1 - Consumers International
Lab 2 - Intro to Tinkerplots
Lab 3 - Cereal Categorical vs Categorical
Lab 4 - Histogram vs. Dot Plot
Lab 5 - Quartiles and IQR
Lab 6 - Quantitative Analysis
Lab 7 - Calculations in Excel
Lab 8 - Applet Fun
Lab 9 - Correlation and Line of Best Fit


    TinkerPlot Basics
    TinkerPlots: Making Common Graphs
    Cat Data Set
    Breakfast Cereal Data Set
    Massachusetts High School Data Set
    Low Birth Weight Data set
    Body Measurement Data Set
    Cars Data Set
    Roller Coaster Data Set
    Merrell Rat Data Set

Handouts and Assignments:

    Brainology Article (Read by Wednesday)
1.1.1 Breakfast Cereal Marketing to Children
    1.1.2 Breakfast Cereal Data
    1.1.3 Breakfast Cereal Data Analysis Activity
    1.1.4 Breakfast Homework
    1.2.1 Reading Categorical vs. Categorical Graphs
    1.2.2 Explanatory-Response Variable
    1.2.3 Brainiology Homework
    1.2.4 Variables, Categorical or Quantitative
    2-1-1 Toolbox
    2-1-2 Skill Builder Hair-Eye Color Survey
    2-2-1 Comparing Groups Categorical
    2-2-2 Comparing Categorical Groups, Continued
    2-2-3A Percentages in the Media Homework
    2-2-4 Forming Questions from Data
    3-1-1 Convincing Conclusions
    3-1-2 First Cereal Template Paper Template
    3-2-1 Means and Medians Part 1
    4-1-1 What Does a Mean Mean
    4-1-2 Male-Female Grads Completing UCCSU Reqs Homework
    4-2-1 Bill Gates Walks into a Diner
    4-2-2 Basketball Salary Homework
    4-2-2 What does the Median Mean
    5-1-1 Measuring Variability
    6-1-1 ADM Review
    6-1-2 ADM to Create Typical Centers
    6-1-3 Median Variability
    6-1-4 Quartile Homework
    7-1-1 Measuring Variability About The Median
    7-2-1 Spread Relative To The Mean
    7-2-3 Second Paper Template

Additional Resources:

    Consumers International - Junk Food Generation Website


Correlation and Regression Applets: