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ART 125: Drawing 2
ART 224: Drawing 3
ART 225: Drawing 4

Instructor: Diane Weintraub                                            Phone: 858-472-1777
Classroom: B-373                                                    Days/Time: Fri. 8:00AM to 2:20PM
E-mail: or
Web pages:

Recommended Text:  
No required textbook for this class. A selection of excellent books about learning to draw will be shown in class.

Art Supplies:  You will be given a basic supplies list at various intervals during the semester. ALWAYS BRING APPROPRIATE MATERIALS TO CLASS. Part of your grade will reflect your coming to class prepared to do the work. If you are not prepared with the appropriate materials you cannot do the class work and therefore your work and grade will be affected.
NOTE: YOU WILL INVEST APPROXIMATELY $100 to $150 ON ART SUPPLIES FOR THIS CLASS. If you took Drawing 1 you might have some of the basic supplies.

Course Description:
Drawing 2 utilizes the skills and concepts developed in Drawing 1 to further develop and investigate advanced drawing techniques. Drawing 2 students will begin with a review of core drawing skills such as organizational line, value, line quality, spatial development and so on. As the class progresses Drawing 2 students will explore a variety of contemporary compositional devices such as layering, planar division, juxtaposition, and so on.

Drawing 3 students will explore advanced strategies in drawing through narrative structure while beginning the long-term goal of developing a personal style/voice and content.

Drawing 4 students will explore advanced strategies in drawing with the goal of developing a personal style/voice and content towards building a portfolio or body of work

This course adheres to the policies outlined in the Cuyamaca Catalog. For further information, see Academic policies stated in the catalog.  (3 hours/3 units credit) 

The student must have successfully completed Drawing 1 in order to be eligible to take Drawing 2. The student must have successfully completed Drawing 2 in order to be eligible to take Drawing 3.
The student must have successfully completed Drawing 3 in order to be eligible to take Drawing 4.

Course Objectives:
This class is designed to expose students to many different drawing techniques using a variety of tools, media, and support materials/surfaces while exploring drawing as a mainstream artistic media and the content that accompanies those media and techniques.

Method of Instruction:
Most of the class time will be spent drawing. Instructional methods include one-on-one instruction, as well as lecture form occasionally illustrated by slides and videos. At the instructor’s discretion and depending on exhibition scheduling, there might be one museum and/or gallery visit. There will be no written exams. Students will engage in classroom discussions and informal as well as formal critiques of projects and assignments.

Method of Evaluation:
Students will participate in both informal/work-in-progress (not graded) and formal (graded) critiques. Students must participate to receive a grade, which means that “no shows” on critique day will receive an “F” for that critique.
Unfinished work will receive a “D” for that project, but will be considered “on time” and may be re-submitted and thereby earn a revised grade. Work must be matted or mounted as proscribed by the assignment to be considered “finished.”
Grades will be based on individual and personal improvement (personal best) and not in relation to other students or their progress. Out-of-class drawing assignments and sketchbooks will also receive grades.  

Distribution of grade weight for Drawing 2, 3, 4:
Formal critiques: -----------------------------------------      100%

Grades will reflect:
Attendance and participation: tardies and absences will reduce your grade!
Readiness for critiques and work sessions, including having all required materials.
Evident quality and growth in your portfolio

"A" students complete all assignments on time and present them neatly in critiques. They miss few if any class sessions. They participate verbally without being called upon, and their independent work is vigorous, original and consistent throughout the term. Their work in all respect goes beyond the minimum, the expected, and the required. Their cumulative portfolios show both growth and objective excellence.
"B" students complete all assignments competently and on time. They present their work neatly in critique sessions, where they participate when called on to do so. They miss few classes. Their independent work is a bit spotty but overall exhibits commitment to surmounting issues with which they struggle. Their cumulative folio shows growth and above average achievement.
"C" students complete all assignments on time, though some of their work may not be improved after critique. They may display their work in critique with minimal attention to presentational standards. They participate when called upon in critiques. Their independent work may not be consistent and their cumulative folios may show growth but little objective excellence even though some aspects of it may be quite competent.
"D" students do not complete all assignments on time. Attendance may be a problem.
"F" students do not complete the exercises and miss class.

Excellent attendance is mandatory in this class.  It is simply too difficult to develop your drawing skill if you are not in class working. If you do miss class get notes and assignments from a classmate study buddy and work on the drawing project at home. Find a study buddy at the first class meeting and exchange contact information. LECTURE MATERIAL WILL NOT BE REPEATED. DO NOT ASK THE INSTRUCTOR FOR NOTES FROM PREVIOUS SESSIONS OR TO REPEAT ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS. Ask your study buddy.

NOTE: Because this class is heavily dependent upon one-on-one instructor feedback, in-classroom work is an important component of your grade. For every class you miss as an unexcused absence your grade for that project will be reduced by one grade point. (Example: one absence would result in a grade of “B” reduced to “B-.”)   

Drop for Absence Policy: According to the Cuyamaca Catalog, “When absences exceed twice the number of hours that a class meets in one week, the instructor may institute an excessive absence drop.  Failure to attend the first class meeting may result in the student being dropped from the class.”  This class normally meets 6 hours per week, meaning that if the student reaches 12 hours of absences (2 classes) the instructor will drop the student

Tardy and Early Leaving Policy: Be prompt and stay to the end to receive credit for being present.  Two tardies or leaving the class early equal one unexcused absence! Be on time---it’s a small room and your late entrance will be distracting!
An excused absence is defined as doctor appointment that cannot be scheduled otherwise, jury duty, personal or family emergency. Determination of an absences as “excused” or “not excused” status resides with the instructor only.

Students with Disabilities:
Academic accommodations are available for students with disabilities.  Please identify yourself to me and to the Disabled Students Programs and Services staff so that appropriate accommodations can be ensured.  If you suspect that you have a learning disability, or require services for any other type of disability, see Disabled Students Programs and services in the “A” building or call 660-4239.

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