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Greetings English Instructors!

Use this link to log-on to the English 098 Online Resource Website.

username: gcccdedu\firstname.lastname  (remember to use the  \ )
your network / campus e-mail password                      


Within the website, you’ll find the following Instructional Resources and more, all on a secure website:

English 098 Teaching Philosophy

English 098 Course Outline

Sample Syllabi and Class Schedules:

Sample Paragraph Assignments and Student Samples:

Sample Essay Assignments

Sample Quizzes or Tests

Sample Activities and Miscellaneous Assignments (e.g. Journal, Autobiography, Reading Packet, etc.)

Sample Grammar and Sentence Structure Handouts and Worksheets

Sample Coursework for an Entire Semester (From the syllabus to the final writing assignment)

Additional Support

If you’d like to contribute your own sample assignments, please contact Lindy Brazil at