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Picture of Gregory Daunoras, Real Estate Instructor

Gregory Daunoras
Real Estate

Phone: 619-644-7454  x3049
Fax: 619-660-4399

Office Hours by e-mail, anytime

Fall 2014 Courses

RE 250 - Sections - #8108, #8109, #8010 - Real Estate Internship - Date, Times & Rooms TBA  Mandatory Meeting - Aug.19, 2014 from 6:00 - 6:30pm Rm. E-229
RE 190 - Section #0279 - Real Estate Principles  - Online (Aug.18 - Dec. 13, 2014)

Textbook:  California Real Estate Principles, 9th Edition
                McKenzie, Brady and Estes
                Cengage Learning, Mason, OH
                ISBN:  0-538-73965-7

You will not pass the class without the current and correct textbook.  It is absolutely required.   Please acquire your book before the class begins, as there will be no "make-ups" for work not done due to late textbook acquisition

Course Requirements: All 15 chapters in the textbook will be covered with weekly assignments consisting of 5 questions to be answered in writing. Some questions will be short answers while others will require one or two paragraphs. There will be required weekly Discussion Board postings, PowerPoint lectures, six quizzes and a final exam. Expect to spend six to eight hours a week in reading, homework, and online postings.

Virtual Hours: Virtual hours via e-mail. I check my e-mail throughout the day, 7 days a week during the 16 week semester.

Required Classes for the State of California Real Estate License: Real Estate 190, Real Estate 191, and one Real Estate elective (recommended electives: Real Estate 192, 193, or 194)  Take all five classes to work toward a degree or certificate in Real Estate.

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