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ESL 106 Library Research-
Ms S. Frame Day

Assignment: The third essay is an argument essay.  An argument essay requires yo to take a position on a controversial topic and defined your position with arguments (at least four). Each argument must be supported with outside research. this means that for each argument you will use a quote from a book, magazine article, or a journal that agrees with your position in proper in-text citation. You will also include a Works Cited page that will list all of the sources that you used to write your essay.

You will be given a topic to research in the Library. Meet with your group and decide what the issue is. Once you have identified the issue, discuss with your group what position you will take (pro or con). The essay will have an introduction, a conclusion, 3-4 body paragraphs, a counterargument and refutation paragraph and a works cited page.

Three members will use articles that agree with the position the group has chosen and write a body paragraph that supports the thesis. One member will write the counterargument paragraph. One member will prepare the works cited. One member will write the introduction. One member will write the conclusion. Another member will type the final essay into proper MLA format after everyone has finished their paragraph.
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