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ESL 106 Library Research-
Ms S. Frame Day

INTRODUCTION TO YOUR RESEARCH: Over the past two decades there has been increased interest in the issue of work and family life balance. Academic Institutions, businesses, and public organizations are studying the challenges working families face and have developed insights into how to assist working families in balancing their time and responsibilities.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: The third essay is your argument essay.  An argument essay requires you to take a position on a controversial topic and defined your position with arguments (at least four). Each argument must be supported with outside research. this means that for each argument you will use a quote from a book, magazine article, or a journal that agrees with your position in proper in-text citation. You will also include a Works Cited page that will list all of the sources that you used to write your essay.

Work and Family: Should the ____ (government or employers or family themesleves) do more to help balance work and family?
Working women
Child care: Do children in day care have more developmental problems than those cared for by a parent?

Use these terms when searching the library databases.

family friendly policies
work life balance
career women
working mothers
working fathers
caring for children
stay at home mothers
stay at home moms
stay at home fathers
stay at home dads
child care (SIRS)
child rearing (SIRS)
children of working mothers (SIRS)
employee-supported daycare (SIRS)
working mothers (SIRS)
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