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Instructor: Ms. C. Boeck
English 110

PURPOSE:  Aren't we always trying to improve ourselves? Perhaps yes, perhaps no.  It seems as though we are.  But what is self improvement really? This research guide has been designed to help you complete your research assignment. Your research assignment

STEP 1: Selecting a Topic

Before you begin using search tools to hunt down the sources your will need to write your essay, you need to select a topic.

  • Mental Health (stress, anxiety)
  • Medicine (alternative, natural, vitamins, protein bars, sunscreen)
  • Fitness  (yoga, pilates, walking)
  • Diet and nutrition (diets, organic foods)
  • Television benefits
  • Recreation (sports, reading, travel, massage)
  • Personal finance

STEP 2: Find Books

One research tip we can suggest is to look at books with "How to" in the titles. For example, you may want to find a book

1. Go to the Library homepage.
2. Click on "Library Catalog".  At the Library Catalog screen, and locate the word "BROWSE"
3. Click to open "BROWSE". Type in the phrase "How to".
4. You should get a list of book titles with the phrase "How to"

STEP 3: Find articles

  • Academic Onefile - database of articles from magazines and journals.
    RESEARCH TIP: type in your subject phrase and narrow topic to "health aspects" or "social aspects".


periodical database

leads to


"Children and nutrition"
Resto, Jeri
Child Development 2:5 (2,123:March) 235.


leads to

Article text.

"The formation of the ideas of children constitutes a study equally interesting from a literary and a scientific point of view..."


STEP 4: Find print reference sources In Print

  • The African American Woman's Health Book / Valiere Alcena In Print
    RA 778.4 A36 2001
  • Encyclopedia of Mental Health / editor-in-chief, Howard S. Friedman In Print
    RA 790.5 E53 1998
  • The Encyclopedia of Obesity and Eating Disorders In Print/ Dana K. Cassell and David H. Gleaves
    RC 552 E18 C37 2000
  • The Encyclopedia of Understanding Alcohol and Other DrugsIn Print
    HV5017 O37 1999
  • The Family Mental Health Encyclopedia In Print/ Frank J. Bruno
    RC 437 B69 1989
  • Handbook of Emotions In Print/ edited by Michael Lewis, Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones
    B 561 H35 2000
  • Health IssuesIn Print / edited by the editors of Salem Press
    RA 425 H39 2001
  • The Nutrition and Health EncyclopediaIn Print
    QP 141 T88 1989
  • Reader's Guide to Alternative Health MethodsIn Print / John F. Zwicky
    R 733 R4 1993
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases:  Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Heath Information about Sexually Transmitted DiseasesIn Print
    RC 200.2 S387 2001
  • Women's Encyclopedia of Health & Emotional Healing:  Top Women Doctors Share Their Unique Self-Helf Advice on Your Body, Your Feelings and Your LifeIn Print / by Denise Foley, Eileen Nechas and the editors of Prevention Magazine
    RA 778 F66 1993
The MLA Handbook is located in the general stacks under the call number LB 2369 G52, as well as on the Reference shelves under Ref LB 2369 G52 (books in the general stacks may be checked out).
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