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Instructor: C. Boeck
English 109


     This writing assignment gives you an opportunity to research a self-improvement subject that you are interested in and write an essay that integrates those sources into a coherent, organized, and well-developed 5-6 page paper.  Examples would include how yoga benefits mental and physical health, or how exercise improves fitness and relieves depression, etc.  Be sure to include a Works Cited page.  Page requirement is for the paper only, not including the Works Cited page.  A title page is not necessary.   Include at least 3 sources on the Works Cited page, and at least 5 in-text citations.  See “Writing a Research Paper” in your Langan textbook beginning pg. 413.



     A Research Proposal is due the same day as the Library tour.  The Proposal will consist of a research question or working thesis statement, and a paragraph description of your topic.



     The next step is to create an outline of your research paper and an Annotated Works Cited.  The Outline should include main topics and subheadings (see Langan pg. 428-429), and the Annotated Works Cited should include a Works Cited list of proposed sources with a brief description of the content below each source.




 The steps for writing a research paper can be divided as follows:


1.      Select a self-improvement topic that you are interested in and can cover in some depth in 5-6 pages.

2.      Establish a research question or a working thesis.

3.      Gather information on your topic.  Consider using books, journals, magazines, newspapers, personal interviews, videos, etc.

4.      Complete Research Proposal, Outline, and Annotated Works Cited.

5.      Organize the information on your topic into subtopics.  Be sure to keep track of sources—make copies of the sources you used and record necessary information in preparation for the Works Cited page.

6.      If needed revise your thesis—it should present a perspective on your topic.

7.      Write your paper using the process method:  Prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. Consider using subheadings such as introduction, definitions, history, analysis, social significance, etc.  Be sure to document your sources by using in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

8.      Bring 4 copies of your research paper to the Workshop and submit your revision on the due date.  Be sure to upload your research paper to SafeAssign no later than the due date.



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