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Cuyamaca College on iTunes U

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U puts the power of iTunes to work for colleges, universities, and other educational organizations, so students can easily search, download, and play educational content from Cuyamaca College just like they do music, movies, and TV shows.

What are the computer system requirements to run iTunes ?

Visit the iTunes download page to see the current system requirements. Any operating systems not specifically listed on the iTunes download page are not supported.

How do I install iTunes?

  1. Go to and download iTunes for either Macintosh or Windows.
  2. Double click on the downloaded Installer file and follow the instructions provided.
  3. Restart your computer and launch iTunes.
  4. Select 'iTunes U' within the iTunes Store to search for Cuyamaca College, or go directly to Cuyamaca College on iTunes U.

How do I find audio or video for Cuyamaca College?

The Search box in the top right corner of the iTunes window will search the entire iTunes Store, including content from Cuyamaca College. If you wish to search just the Cuyamaca College collection, use the Power Search feature within iTunes U and enter "Cuyamaca" as the institution.

How do I get help using iTunes?

For help using iTunes, please visit the iTunes Support page.

Will I have to pay to access Cuyamaca College on iTunes U?

No.  You may freely preview and download all of the content from Cuyamaca College on iTunes U.

Will I be able to use another music player, such as a Microsoft Zune, Creative Zen, Sony PSP, iRiver, or SanDisk player, with iTunes U?

There is support in iTunes for most third-party players. However, audio content recorded using the AAC codec (including music purchased from Apple) will likely only work with iPods. MP3 and MPEG-4 content should work with most any player capable of playing it. Nearly all music players will play MP3 content and practically any video player can handle MPEG-4 content. iTunes U does not use any digital rights management, so content that you download can usually be made to play on any reasonable device.


Revised  July 25, 2013
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