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Fund for Student Success Grant

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"Using the Web to Integrate Information Competency into
the General Education and Vocational Education Curriculum.

The goal of this project is to integrate information competencies into the general and vocational curriculum at Cuyamaca College.  The Project Director (Jeri) will work closely with individual faculty to develop twenty-five course-specific research assignments each year that include an information competency learning module (otherwise known as "Research Guides")

The information competency module will be linked directly to faculty home pages.   For each course, the module will include information competency links, i.e. links to research tips. library print resources. bibliographic citation methods, community contacts.

This GE-integration model may be used to supplement traditional library orientation models, but the designs will also accommodate the self-paced, independent learner and/or the instructor who chooses not to take advantage of the library's instructional program.

Specific objectives are:
1) to increase awareness of academic and vocational faculty of the need to infuse information competencies into the curriculum, 2) to revise course outlines and teaching strategies for 25 courses per year, and
3) to increase student success by 10% in the affected courses.

All courses certified for General Education status must contain the core value of information competency. The General Education provides the following statement:

"Course shall motivate students to develop information competency skills to improve the quality of education and everyday life through selective use of information technology and information sources.  Students will be able to identify information resources, apply appropriate tools to acquire information, formulate a search strategy, evaluate acquired information, and recognize alternative information sources.  This can be achieved through various activities including but not limited to: using computers, periodical research, internet research web based home projects, and library research orientations.


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